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  • pit-plum

    January 26, 2020 at 1:42 am

    I agree, dropping the three charges made no sense to me. And what’s worse, those three charges, especially the count of slavery, seemed like the crimes with the most evidence behind them. Why Sephtis, why? Is there some secret romance between Sephtis and Miss Ginley? Did the two foster a forbidden love when they were both fugitives in the forest?

    Unfortunately, we were left with just the count of murder, which had no evidence one way or the other. The plausibility for Miss Ginley accomplishing the murder was based solely on her ability to perform illusion magic, which she has never demonstrated, and if she could, I would have expected her to have used it to escape in the first place. Imagine considering illusion magic for any crime committed in Evermore going forward! That will add doubt to every trial from now on. 

    Concerning the testimony of Svani, just as Ginley has motive for killing him, he has motive for framing her. Why did the frost lords bring back Ginley and Gafruk instead of dealing with them in Aurora? 

    As for the outcome of the trial, either way Miss Ginley is screwed. Due to lack of evidence, I’m okay with the innocent verdict, but now she is vulnerable to be punished outside of the law, and neither Evermore nor Aurora will accept her. I do feel she was guilty of the other crimes, her testimony mentioned her struggle with choosing lesser evils, basically admitting a poor sense of judgement on her part. AND! I saw the evil smile she bore the moment she used the trigger word the night of the dance party, that smile did not communicate making a difficult choice for the greater good. If the wolves, townspeople, or frost lords don’t get to her first, the light elves might. You should have seen their excitement when we discussed eating her. Scream