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  • Lady-Blue

    January 27, 2020 at 3:00 am

    So, I was following Uriah’s logic most of the trial, but he lost me at that murder charge. … He claims the Frost Lords could have framed Ginley for murdering one of them because she had knowledge of bad things they have done in Aurora– But the fact that Ginley herself did bad things in Aurora is irrelevant because Uriah already proved that Auroran crimes have no bearings in a Evermorian court, so keeping that in mind, the Frost Lords have nothing to fear from Evermorian justice and therefore no reason to frame her. They brought her back for trial as a sign of good will, there is no logical reason they would think that Evermore couldn’t convict Ginley and would need to add something else to the plate. …Or am I missing something?