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  • aline-loch

    February 2, 2020 at 8:12 am

    I still am tied up in knots about the trial — I think it was the feeling of futility for the prosecution that killed me.  First, Sykes gets appointed, which means he has to drop the kidnapping charge — there was no way around that.  (And I’m not convinced Sykes was the only one who could serve as QC.  Or that Sephtis is the only one qualified to be a judge.  But that’s a different rant.)  Then Sephis sustains Uriah’s objections, which were mostly legal-sounding nonsense, and lets him harass the witnesses.  Uriah was out of control and the judge did nothing — which, how weird for Sephtis is that?  And, worse, Uriah is allowed to move to dismiss the charges mid-trial instead of at the close of the evidence.  Doesn’t work that way.  Sykes was fighting with both hands tied behind his back, and it felt pretty pointless by the end.