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  • Lady-Blue

    February 29, 2020 at 1:21 am

    I know everyone is mad. I understand why they are mad. I feel I should be mad too, but for some reason, I’m just not. Yes, I watched all the clips regarding Svani’s attacking Ulf-Drott, the Light Elves confessing to killing Svani and why, and Sylvi freezing everyone– I have watched it all. But I don’t see the Frost Lords as villains. I just don’t.

    I understand they are dictators in Aurora, that Gafruk and Ginley committed homicide under their command, and that the politics in Aurora is just one big ugly mess. I got that. My opinions are based squarely on what the Frost Lords have done in Evermore– Though some of their actions tie into Auroran politics and I plan to address that.

    I think I’ve already made my point of view clear in regards to the attack on Ulf-Drott. It seems more like a culture clash instead of a pre-planned attempt on his life. Let me explain: Ulf-Drott interrupted a conversation that should have stayed between the Frost Lord siblings and made an unnecessarily rude comment. Maybe among the wolves being called a “mewling pup” is tough love. Maybe “distancing {one’s self} from mother” is a sign of adulthood and a thing to aspire to… But that is not what it is to the Frost Lords clearly.

    The Frost Lords are under the influence of this Ice Queen lady, Svani himself said he needs her, which implies a withdrawal in all it’s traumatic glory is likely. Svani and Sylvi seem to believe they owe the Ice Queen lady something, therefore a code of loyalty or even honor is playing a twisted role in their brains. They are not used to thinking independently, so odds are their minds are not quite as old and mature as their bodies make them appear. Lastly, they call her “mother” which more or less implies some sort of affection— One or all of these factors plausibly contributed to Svani lashing out. I’m even gonna go so far as to say the Frost Lords are not used to being spoken to with disrespect and are spoiled, I don’t feel it, but I’m adding it as a factor for the sake of my point.

    This all to say, Svani lashed out impulsively whilst blinded by rage. Nothing about his demeanor said that he was thinking in his head: “I’m gonna kill this guy!”. On the contrary, looking away from Ulf-Drott and breathing into his hand, it seemed more like he was trying to distract himself from his rising anger. He of course failed and struck out.

    Bad Svani.

    ..But bad Ulf-Drott too. What he said was extremely hurtful and anyone, ANYONE, would have struck out at him for that. Whether with ice, fire, fist or (if they’ve practiced self-restraint in their lives) heated words. I myself probably would have cuffed him. I am NOT saying what Svani did was okay. I am NOT trying to justify Svani in anyway. I am only saying that his reaction was understandable given the circumstances and was not pre-planned.

    Now, about Sylvi’s having frozen everyone and berating them: Yes. Total villain move. Total, explosive, driven-to-the-end-of-her-patience villain move…. Also, total woman move. Total, explosive, driven-to-the-end-of-her-patience woman move. We know her mother is influencing her mind, and for all the reasons previously stated above, she is under the impression that Evermore is influencing the minds of Sora and Bastian. She had no solid reason to disbelieve her mother before the Evermorians became, in her eyes, increasingly hostile. Now, I don’t know what she was so afraid of in regards Svani’s arrest. Evermore law is clearly flawed, so they probably would not have been able to convict him of anything anyway (especially if Uriah was representing him) but even if they did convict and execute him, what’s the big deal? He’d just walk through the gate the next morning in a new body. I don’t pretend to understand why Svani’s imminent arrest was the straw that broke the camels back, but broken it was nevertheless.

    Her discussion with Bastian before hand seemed like, to me personally, that of a frightened child. I get the impression that Ice Queen lady is abusing them, perhaps not physically, but in a narcissistic way that keeps them relying on her– Possibly even under the impression that any sort of anger and resentment they might feel is ungrateful and sinful, thus keeping them at war with themselves. Sylvi’s rant at the frozen Evermore was nothing short of: “You thought you could bully me and my family because I had restraint. You think just because I haven’t ended your existences prior to now that I can’t? Well, guess what, I can. You guys are jerks. You wolves are jerks. I hate the wolves, this werewolf guy is cute and I wish he’d chosen my side, but he didn’t, oh well. Kyrah, you’re a complete and utter jerk, I hate you and your whole family! Goodbye.”

    Bad Sylvi.

    But what she was doing was lashing out because she couldn’t take it anymore. For some reason or another, she felt the Evermorians were being biased and that they were not listening to her. So she made sure they could do nothing BUT listen.. I understand she also could have killed them, but chose not to, so that’s something.

    Again, I am NOT defending Sylvi’s actions anymore than I am defending Svani’s, but their actions do not come as a surprise to me. There are enough factors for me to understand why they felt the need to go hardcore Evermore-enemy here, and unlike Ariadne, they have plausible reasons for doing so. That being said, they are enemies now to some people, but not for me personally.

    The wolves were mistrusting of the Evermorians, made ’em work for it, and gained allies… The Frost Lords were a little too eager to make friends, the Evermorians became mistrusting of them, and now they are enemies. I don’t know. I’m just not angry at the Frost Lords. I’m honestly hoping that Sylvi and Svani are redeemed and come back. I don’t think their reactions have been any worse than Caderyn’s lies, Sudd’s poisoning Jardani, Kyrah hitting Caderyn, Ollie were-wolfing all over the acting troupe, Bastian mocking Kyrah before– And yet we still love these characters.

    I’ll be honest, I like the Frost Lords. I like them a lot. I hope they get their happily ever after.