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  • Logan101

    February 29, 2020 at 8:06 am

    I personally think the Frost Lords or being manipulated by there mother. Bastion mentioned that they were picked up at a very young age and children are usually very maniupulable. Slyvi also seems to believe she has a dept to her mother and it may be an actual dept or it could be some very solid manipulation. If Sylvi and Svani go in the same direction as their siblings, that will be very good but honestly from what I’ve seen of Sylvi she is going to be hard to turn. Svani was close to going in willingly before Sylvi decided to just go crazy and freeze everyone. Then she went on a monologue cause what else are ya sposed to do when your enemy is helpless. I think Sylvi is going in the direction of a villain but that’s more my opinion then anything. She is the most powerful magic user in Aurora and she might believe she owes that power to her mother. We’ll find out how it ends next Aurora. 

    PS if Svani dies i want the hat