Rooster’s GoldFundMe: An Unofficial Quest

Rooster was very depressed over the weekend. With the opening of the Lore Portal, the town was nearly empty and the fear was palpable. Nobody was interested in the items Rooster was selling. His shop closed up and Benjamin left town, leaving Rooster to sleep under a bench and keep a watchful, wary eye on Caderyn.

Of course, Rooster has always been one of our favorite Evermorians. His magical items, while admittedly rubbish, brought much joy to the younger World Walkers in our clan throughout the Mythos season. When we realized that we couldn’t lift his spirits, we decided that we needed to take action. It was time to set up a GoldFundMe for Rooster!

Before the park opened on Monday, we took matters into our own hands. Our clan visited several thrift stores and Dollar Stores to gather items that Rooster could sell. There were SO MANY items to choose from! We tried to focus on small items that would be easy to spell, especially to children. We picked up spider rings, necklaces, finger puppets, glow sticks, stickers, small bells, vampire teeth and more. We also grabbed a tray for Rooster to display his new wares in…. and then we stuffed it all in a shiny purple bag.

I’m sure the security team at the gate wondered what on earth we were up to when they searched that bag! However, they were kind enough to not ask any questions. It’s probably because my son @xanderax has something of a reputation for trading within the park. 😉

It was supposed to be an anonymous donation but my children couldn’t help but follow Phillip Humphrey when he delivered the goods. Xanderax took a video of the delivery, which can be seen here:

This was easily the most fun we’ve had at Evermore Park. The kids and I really enjoyed doing all the shopping and planning the surprise for Rooster. It was just a blast.

My children immediately decided to buy items from the store, which made Ben and Rooster laugh. They said they’d never been sold something, just to sell it back before. My kids didn’t care; they wanted to buy all the things!

This is the kind of unscripted, improvisational, self-assigned quest that makes Evermore so unique. This wasn’t something we were asked to do. It wasn’t planned or part of the story. It’s something we just decided to do on a whim… and it became a spontaneous and memorable subplot in the overall park story.

Even better, we saw little kids throughout the night who were wearing and sharing and talking about the items that we’d donated to Rooster’s shop. It was so exciting to know that we’d brought that little bit of fun into the park with us. It affected far more than just us, or just Rooster… it was something that everyone could share in, even if they didn’t know all the backstory behind it.

In fact, Ben and Rooster were busy selling their wares until late into the night.

All in all, I’d say that Evermore’s first Gold-Fund-Me was a complete success!

Have you created a quest for yourself? Share the details in the comments!

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