High on Pie: Evermore Park Evening in Review (12/7)

It was a busy night in Evermore! Many things were happening at once, and then it was all complicated by the discovery that the Light Elves’ magical pies had a narcotic effect on the citizens of Evermore. Many of our most responsible citizens ended up inebriated and nonsensical by the end of the evening.

The mausoleum and Evermore Gazette were both sold.

The Wolves of Winter purchased the mausoleum with 27,000 pieces of Auroran Silver. Of course, this made the Elves of Light quite upset….

The Evermore Gazette was also sold to Roger O’Rawlins. Nobody in town seems to know who this person is.

The Acolytes believe that King Otis is a shapeshifter.

Somehow, the Acolytes became convinced that King Otis was a shapeshifter. They encouraged people to roast him. However, the Royal Guard seemed unconcerned and had a brilliant response.

Most of the town ends up high on pie.

The pie was designed by the Light Elves to help our Evermorian friends feel satisfied, even though they’ve been starving. Unfortunately, it has had some unintended side effects…

When the Wolves of Winter realized that the pies made everyone favorable toward the Elves of Light, they became increasingly concerned. Ulfenia confronted the Mayor and asked if the elves had purchased the town with pie, the same way the Wolves had purchased the Mausoleum with Silver.


A little while later, it was discovered that the Knights had not partaken of the pie. Ser Kilyrie had only a bit and Sir Arawn didn’t have any at all. A tentative alliance was struck between the Knights and the Wolves.

Of course, the alliance was challenged just moments later when Estegan the Shield confronted one of the wandering Elves. Ser Kilyrie had to jump to the Elves defense and the Wolf did not like that whatsoever.

Filander had a rough night when his surname was revealed.

On Saturday evening, the Acting Troupe held a party for its newest member: Filander. At the end of the party, Ozymandias casually dropped Filander’s last name: Milsom. When asked if he knew Merriweather Milsom, Filander enthusiastically responded that Merriweather is his cousin.

Of course, Merriweather Milsom had another name in Evermore… Maxwell Morgan

The Acting Troupe obviously reacted badly. Maxwell deceived them all and shattered Cecily’s heart just a few weeks ago. The timing of Filander’s arrival couldn’t have been worse… so he fled the Bards and decided to join a new guild.

Of course, Filander was made to be a Bard… and eventually he returned to the Acting Troupe.

The Wolves held a meeting at the end of the night.

At the very end of the night, the Wolves of Winter held a meeting. They discussed the effects of the pie and organized a resistance. Those who had not taken the pie were offered assistance from the Wolves, who will try to hunt for food.

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