How to Earn Points on Evermore Fans

There are several ways to earn points on Evermore Fans. This system is currently under development and is subject to change at any time.

Register on Evermore Fans.

You’ll receive your first silver when you register on our website! Make sure you use a valid email address, because that’s where we’ll send your gift card when you win.

Every user is limited to one account and we do have a frequency restriction on winning. If it is discovered that you are registering multiple accounts in order to manipulate our giveaways, all of your accounts will be blocked from the points system.

Customize your account.

Change your profile avatar, cover photo and update your profile information to earn additional points.

Participate in the community.

You will earn points whenever you participate meaningfully in the community.

For example, you’ll earn points whenever you:

  • Write a message in the activity stream.
  • Reply to someone else’s message.
  • Send or accept a connection request.
  • Leave a comment on a blog post.
  • Upload multimedia files (see below)
  • Watch uploaded videos
  • Listen to uploaded audio

If someone marks your activity stream post as a “favorite,” you’ll get a bonus point for that, too!

Publish a blog post.

Evermore Fans was designed to be a place for community collaboration. You can earn points when you leave comments on the website or publish a post.

If you do not have the right permissions to publish a post and you’re interested in contributing, please email [email protected] or tag @evermorefans in a post.

Please note that if you delete a comment or a post, you will automatically be deducted the same amount of points you earned.


Add or view multimedia files (photos, videos and audio).

You can upload images, videos and audio files to Evermore Fans. You can add images to our character directories, submit videos of park events, upload audio interviews with characters and more! By uploading content, you certify that you have the right to share that material.

Uploaded files will be reviewed for relevancy, so please don’t upload material that does not have to do with Evermore.

You can watch videos that people have uploaded or listen to their audio files in order to earn additional points!

Get the word out on social media!

You can earn points just by sharing our links on social media networks. The system automatically tracks shares made through our platform.

If your post is shared by someone else, you’ll earn extra points for that also!

Refer new users through a special referral link.

If you refer someone to Evermore Fans and they register through your referral link, both you AND your friend will receive bonus points!

Unlock an achievement.

We are currently developing special achievements. As you unlock them, you will receive a badge on your profile and some extra points!

Visit the website every day.

You can earn bonus points just by visiting the website every day! You’ll need to be logged in for the system to track your points, however.

You can lose points, too.

Be careful! There are some automated triggers that will result in point deductions.

Spam comments will cost you 100 points.

We take spam seriously. If a comment is marked as spam, the user immediately loses 100 points. If you believe that your comment was flagged in error, you can reach out to @evermorefans (or [email protected]) for help.

Comments that are obviously spam will result in immediate account deletion.

If you delete a post, you’ll lose your points.

You can earn points by creating a post… but only if you do not delete it. If you delete the post, you will lose those points.

Anyone found to be manipulating the system by creating meaningless posts (or frequently deleting posts) will lose their posting privileges.