How to Get Gold at Evermore Park

gold from Evermore Park

There are many ways to earn gold within the park! You’ll earn it as you interact with characters, finish quests and complete other tasks. We’ve found many ways that you can fill your pockets with gold.

1. Complete quests, of course!

When you finish a quest line, you’ll often receive a bit of gold as a reward. Not always… but usually.

2. Tell an ogre a joke.

Ogres love jokes! Tell Giggles or Chuckles a joke and they’ll often pay you with a shiny piece of gold.

3. Win a game of chess in the tavern.

Play a round of chess in the tavern! If you win, you’ll be able to get a piece of gold from Suds, the tavern owner!

4. Gamble with the executioner.

Make a wager against the executioner and your gold might multiply (or disappear). My teenager has mastered his games and regularly claims 15 gold at a time from Septhis or Cedric in the tavern.

5. Sing with the minstrels.

There are many musicians in Evermore. Sing with one of the wandering minstrels and you might just earn a piece of gold!

6. Dance to the music in the Burrows.

I know this works for kids, but I’m not sure if it works for adults. My kids love to go dance while Lani and Terno play. It’s a lot of fun and they always pick up some gold in the process!

7. Sell some trinkets.

Trinket trading is a thriving economy in Evermore. You can buy trinkets for gold, trade trinkets for trinkets, or sell trinkets for gold.

My teenager has worked out a pretty clever scheme were he gambles for gold, trades that gold for cheap trinkets, and then upsells the trinkets to other characters for a profit. He’s very proud of his little arrangement.

10. Do good deeds.

Sometimes, you can be surprised by gold for doing good deeds. It’s not a reliable source of income and you shouldn’t count on getting a reward just for being a decent person… but I have seen several people get rewarded for their good deeds.

9. Become an informant.

Once you’ve developed a trustworthy relationship with certain characters, they may pay you for information. For example, the Dragon Trainers have regularly rewarded us for information regarding the dragon items that Sephtis had acquired.

10. Ask if there’s anything you can do to help.

Many opportunities for earning gold happen spontaneously, so I always finish a conversation by asking if there’s anything I can do for that person. You’ll be amazed at how interesting (and profitable) the answers can be!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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