How to Use Gold in Evermore Park


As you interact with characters and complete quests within Evermore Park, you’ll earn pieces of gold. The gold can be used throughout the park for different things.

1. Become a patron of the arts.

The Acting Troupe is always happy to take any gold you’re willing to offer. If you offer more gold than their previous patron, you can rename the Troupe to anything you like (as long as it’s family friendly and fits on their chalkboard, anyway). They will introduce themselves by that name immediately after your donation… and that’s the name they’ll keep until the next patron comes along and outbids you.

2. Buy a Post Card

Philip Humphrey, the postman, always has postcards available. He sells them for one gold each. You can fill them out and send them to people within the park, or you can take them home as souvenirs.

3. Gambling

If you have some gold to wager, you can play a game of chance in the tavern. My teenage son is absolutely addicted to gambling at Evermore (should I be worried?) and he regularly claims 15 gold or more from his opponents each night.

There’s a reason my oldest likes to hang out in the tavern… 🤷

4. Barter for Information

Sometimes, slipping someone a bit of shiny gold can get you the inside scoop on what’s happening around the town. This is especially true with the executioner, the goblins, the merchants and others may be less concerned with the law. (I mean, I haven’t tried to bribe Inspector Ozymandius but I doubt it would go well…)

You can also pay gold for services. I’ve heard that Morgan Maxwell can perform magic tricks but you may have to pay for the privilege of seeing it!

5. Buy Trinkets

You can usually buy magical items from Ben and Rooster, the merchants in the back of the park. Other characters may also have trinkets that can be purchased with gold.

6. Donate to Dragon Trainers

Dragons eat gold, so the dragon trainers are always looking for more! If you don’t have anything else to do with your gold, you can always donate it to the dragons.

7. Donate to the Academy (or another cause)

Gudrun and Professor Beaumont have been raising gold to start an academy. You can always donate yours to this (or another) worthy cause!

8. Fortune-telling

Jardani can perform a reading for you, for a price. There are also others (Cleo, Miri, etc) who can perform various readings. They may charge you for the service, though!


9. Tip the Musicians

Evermore is home to many talented musicians. You can use that gold to tip the wandering minstrels or other performers in the park.

10. Invent something

You can even invent your own ways to spend gold! World Walkers decided to help fundraise for Edgar Beaumont’s academy after the burglary. A few World Walkers also donated a hefty amount of gold to help Sephtis escape. We also started a GoldFundMe for Rooster at one point.

Have you found another use for gold? Let us know in the comments!

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