It’s All About the Snowberries: Evermore Park Evening in Review (12/7)

The town was all abuzz after Saturday’s shenanigans. The World Walkers were seeking a cause for the chaos while the Evermorians were, well, eating more pie and causing more chaos.

Hunters purchased Hunters Hovel.

The hunters have officially moved away from the garden fire pit to their new home!

Gafruk blames the snowberries for the pie problems.

When Gafruk met the Werthers, he realized his mistake. There were far too many snowberries in the pies – and the snowberries have a narcotic effect on the Evermorians!

Wolves of Winter lead the resistance against the pies.

As they identified Evermorians who had not eaten the pies, they helped coach them on ways to avoid being targeted by well-meaning pie-sharers.

The Wolves of Winter held another meeting in the Mausoleum. It was top secret – but since another World Walker already told everyone about the meeting, including the secret signs, I think I can safely share this video now.

Meanwhile, the rest of the town continued to get high on pie…

The pie was just too good to resist!

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