Jardani is Gone… and Dmitri is Back.


Two of the three missing pieces of Dmitri’s soul were found tonight: one in Ozymandias and one in Maxwell. As Jardani pulled Dmitri out of his friends, Dmitri re-entered Jardani and took over.

As far as we can tell, Jardani is gone… and Dmitri is back.

This is a heartbreaking development for those of us who have grown to love Jardani. With the recent loss of Caderyn, this change also leaves Evermore without some of its strongest protectors.

Jardani sacrifices himself to save his friends.

The scene wherein Jardani saved his friends was profound and scary. My kids ran to the Knights, because they always feel safer around Ser Kilyrie.

I missed most of the scene, but my friend Entheos Bardu send me this video.

Once Dmitri regained control of his body, he boasted that Jardani was gone and that there was nothing the World Walkers could do to get him back. He taunted them and then strode down the hill toward town square.

Ozymandias was dazed and confused.

While everyone else followed Dmitri, I followed Ozymandias. He looked lost and confused. I asked if I could help, but he dismissed me. I pressed the issue and he said, “I don’t know what anyone can do.”

I sought out Zodhi, who is very peaceful and healing. I sent him Ozymandias’ way in the hopes that this would bring him some needed peace.

Dmitri will probably be a major nemesis during Lore.

In one video shared to the Evermore group on Facebook, you can hear a World Walker asking Dmitri, “And what do you hope to do?”

“Nothing,” Dmitri responds, “Enjoy my time until the portal to Lore opens.”

“And what then?”

“Then we shall see. I am hoping to unite with maybe a few old friends.”

Another World Walker asks, “Like Soriana?”

“Soriana is dead.” Dmitri answers, before talking quietly again.

Some World Walkers seem to support Dmitri.

It’s not clear if they are double agents or authentic Dmitri-supporters. Nevertheless, don’t expect the Evermorians to be friendly if you express support for Dmitri in the park.

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