Mysterious Dagger Connected to River Monster

On Saturday, Jasper retrieved an unusual dagger from the river. The knife is very unusual in appearance and appears to be connected to the River Monster.

Jasper happened upon the knife by accident. He had an uneasy feeling on his patrol, dove into the water and followed that feeling to the knife. He uncovered it in the muck.

The River Monster was clearly dragged to its current position.

The shape of the blade seems to match the striations on the River Monster that was unceremoniously dumped near the bridge. Upon further investigation, it was also revealed that the river monster had been drug over the rocks to its current location. A damage to the fish’s back matches the jagged rocks nearby, indicating how it was brought to that area.

Certain parts of the beast have been surgically removed.

Last week, it was revealed that certain parts of the River Monster, including the intestines, had been surgically removed. Miri indicated that the intestines could be used in a reading, but she could not perform the reading because it had already been removed.

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