Jed’s story

I was the youngest of three siblings, my brother Nicholas was a strong swordsman, while my sister Sarah was a skilled healer, she always seemed to know what was wrong with someone and how to help. Even though I was adopted he and his family loved each-other. However I always felt torn, which path I would take, fight or heal. Then one night I had a strange dream, that his parents would kill each other. The next day a strange hooded man came and told his parents to kill each other, or me and my siblings. Their bodies acted on their own, while pleading for it to stop, killed each other. Sarah tried to tend to the wounds only to have the wounds copy on to her. Nicholas tried to kill the strange man, only to have his sword fly airborne and land in his own skull Then the strange man vanished with a grin on his face.

The next day with nothing left of my home or family I boarded the Emerald Sail, in an attempt to leave his old life behind.

After coming to Citadel, and meeting Gemma and Rook, I chose to find my own path and dropped combat for the most part to pursue dreams walking and understanding of dreams. though I still had healing abilities but chose to not carry anything of my fallen siblings.q

Following my first moon, I was feeling accepted in the community more and more. Though still somewhat unsure of what he can do, I recently had been granted access to the orange tent, and walked in someone else’s dream for the first time.

With the passing past my second moon I spent most of my time healing. Though still feeling slightly an outcast, the influx of new people and my own time in citadel, I started to feel more accepted in citadel with a group of people I was willing to call friends.

With the end of my first cycle in that home quickly approaching, a painful memory unlocked itself and a flood of emotions and other memories returned. Luna, my girlfriend was a mage like none I had ever known. While she had a major secret about her past and why she kept hidden, I knew and kept it hidden without her knowing. I was going to tell her during the new moon. That night never came for her, the man in the hood did. She tried to erase herself from my memory. With her last words after the man left we’re “I’m sorry it came to this but I can’t go on, nor will memories of me.” With that came my first kiss.

The days came and went and the tether holding citadel stable collapsed, some escaped on the emerald sail, which wrecked in a strange storm killing everyone else, I made a raft and past out.  As to what happened next, that is a story for another day.

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