Kaida Arrested After Theft of Dragon Eggs

Kaida is in the stocks as Septhis stands by

The Dragon Trainers have become increasingly upset with the dragon items that have been appearing in the tavern.

So far this season, Sephtis has mounted an enormous dragon head on the wall of the tavern and acquired several dragon eggs. It is unclear whether he is deliberately taunting the dragon trainers.

Ina wanted to test Sephtis’ dragon eggs.

On August 2, 2019, Ina expressed concern for the dragon eggs in Sephtis’ possession. She wanted to test them to see if they were real and, if they were real, if they were viable and could be hatched. The eggs were clearly displayed behind the bar of The Crooked Lantern.

Around 9pm, Ina snuck into the tavern to test the viability of the eggs. This was a very risky venture, due to the dragon trainer’s ongoing feud with Sephtis. Fortunately, some World Walkers caused a scene that caused Sephtis to leave the tavern temporarily.

When Sephtis returned, he was confronted by Captain Fergus Nettleton who wanted to talk about Oryn. Sephtis declared that Oryn was out of the black market because he talks too much. The Captain tried to persuade him otherwise, but to no avail.

Due to these distractions, Ina was able to test the eggs undetected. She also managed to whisk some away but it wasn’t long before someone noticed the eggs were missing.

Kaida was arrested after she confessed to the crime.

As soon as Sephtis realized that his eggs were gone, he fetched the Inspector. Ozymandias and Sephtis immediately proceeded to the ruins where the Dragon Trainers gather.

They came to arrest Ina, but ended up arresting Kaida when she confessed. She was led to the stocks, where she spent the remainder of the evening.

Just as the World Walkers were singing Leave Her and preparing to leave the portal, Ina snuck to the stocks and freed her sister. They slipped out of town and into the forest.


Want more information?

Someone posted a video of this event to the Evermore Theories & SPOILERS Facebook group. You can find it here.

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