Lady Grey Confesses to Helping One True Government

Many World Walkers have suspected that the mysterious Lady Grey is involved in the One True Government of Evermore. Tonight, she confirmed that she has been working with them.

I was standing nearby when Phillip Humphrey delivered a letter to Lady Grey. It was an abrupt message, addressed by the One True Government of Evermore. The message was a single line.

The letter said:

Ms. Margaret Grey
Citizen of Evermore

Madame, your services are no longer required.

The One True Government of Evermore

Lady Grey interpreted this to be a direct threat on her life. She raced off to find Ozymandias in the hope that he would protect her but stopped next to the Barter East concession stand on the far side of the square. She didn’t seem willing to slip past it and into the shadows on that side of the town.

The Lady Grey apologized to the World Walkers in her midst, “I must apologize to everyone, to everyone in Evermore. I’m afraid that any dealings that I done with them have stirred up their interest in the village.”

“I-I had a source I sent information to,” she confessed, “A courier would come get letters and things that I would send to them.”

Ozymandias!” she shouted and ran to him as soon as he walked near,  “I am afraid for my life.”


Fortunately, this caused her to step into the light and I was able to get a video from this point on.

Lady Grey offered to be arrested and insisted that she would help the investigation in any way possible. As you can tell, Phillip Humphrey is quite upset by this news as he takes the One True Government issue very personally.

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