The Portals Open: A Lore 2018 Season Summary


The Lore Portal reopens on September 6, 2019.

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Lore 2018 was a season of great darkness in Evermore. 

When the Portal opened to the world of Lore, darkness spread across Evermore. Evidences of darkness appeared everywhere: memories were lost, personalities changed, and even bodies transformed.

Caderyn becomes the Fae King.

Caderyn, the Guardian of the Fae, was more affected than anyone. Although he was always known for being wise and kind, he was unwillingly overcome by the darkness.

It was in this season of Lore that Caderyn first became the dreaded Fae King. The Fae King was cruel and deceitful. He caused the sickness to spread throughout Evermore.

The Fae King promised Olc, the leader of the druids, that he would give them great power if they would pledge their loyalty to him. They had lost their connection to magic ages ago, and the druids saw this as an opportunity to regain some of their long-lost power.

The protectors of Evermore were divided.

The Blackheart Hunters and the Knights disagreed about how to save Evermore. The Blackhearts wanted to eradicate the danger by eradicating the creatures who had been infected by the plague. The Knights believed they should quarantine the town, and force the infected creatures back to the forest. When Sloan the Satyr failed to return from the forest one night, both sides blamed each other for his disappearance.

Suds’ fiancee is lost through the Lore Portal.

Of course, there was some light in the darkness. A budding romance between Suds McBride and Clara Nettleton brought great joy to the town. However, this too ended in tragedy when Clara was affected by the darkness. She stepped through the portal into Lore so that she wouldn’t transmit the disease to those she loved.

After Clara stepped through, the Lore Portal was closed by the inventor, Wikam, and the witch Wen Weaver.

Suds was devastated by the loss of Clara. He banned Wikam from entering the tavern ever again.

The World Walkers saved the day.

In the end, the Blackhearts and the Knights called upon World Walkers to save the day. The townsfolk were eventually cured.


Caderyn was saved when the World Walkers and Evermorians gathered to chant his true name and break the darkness that held him hostage.

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