The Lore Portal Has Been Opened


The Lore Portal has been opened for a few weeks now, even though the World Walker’s portal only opened over the weekend. It’s been a very unnerving time for our favorite Evermorians, who are working feverishly to prepare for the inevitable darkness.

Ariadne and Lysette have come through the Lore portal.

Ariadne claims that she tracked Lysette (her pet spider) through the portal when she failed to return home. Although Ariadne doesn’t recognize her world by the name of Lore, she did state that she entered through a portal (and not the Earth one). She has described her world as being dark and warm. It is lit by a black sun and it is always autumn.

Now that they’re in town, Ariadne has been helping the Evermorians strengthen the barrier against the forces of Lore. She is a very powerful magical being and can perform strong thread magic. She claims to be searching for the most effective way to strengthen the weaknesses in the barrier.

The dragons have been safeguarded in Drakenhaven.

Syladross was moved into Drakenhaven for his protection. Aelin and Ildrax are also being kept there to keep them safe from the darkness. The Dragon Trainers did not want to see any of their precious dragons become afflicted with Darkblood Plague.

As Aidan said, “From what I’ve seen of my good friend Caderyn, and how Lore impacts him, I’m not in any rush to have the same fate befall poor Aelin, Illidrax or Syladross.”

Lysette has taken over the mausoleum.

Meanwhile, Ariadne has banished Lysette into the mausoleum. She claims that she has done this because the spider was bothering World Walkers. However, if you ask Lysette, you may learn a different version of events. Lysette isn’t very chatty but she can answer your yes/no questions.

There is an affected bush fae trapped in the catacombs.

In the catacombs, an affected bush fae is currently hiding from the light. As Sir Arawn reported to Mayor Violet, “Situation is isolated. It is easily scared by sources of light. Cutting it with a sword didn’t seem to do much to it. We can keep it in the catacombs indefinitely, if it remains afraid of light.”.

Mayor Atkinson has done her best to ensure that the creature is contained and kept away from the rest of the town.

Wisteria and the Pooka have returned.

A wood witch named Wisteria has come from the forest, along with the Pooka. They are here to help with the defenses of Evermore during this difficult time.

The portal is being tested.

Occasionally, and especially after dark, you may hear the thunderous booms of the portal being tested. It is not clear what force is testing it – or how – but it is clear that Evermore’s defenses are already under siege.


This has been especially troubling for Rooster, because he has been homeless and sleeping on the ground where his shop used to be. If you’re interested in helping him out, we’re working on a GoldFundMe for Rooster.

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