LTUE 2020: Getting to Know the Team Behind Evermore

Conventions like LTUE 2020 give us the chance to peek behind the scenes. If you’ve wondered about the incredible people who make the magic of Evermore, I hope you’ll check this out.

There were three Evermore panels at LTUE and I recorded them all! You can watch them here.

In addition, I wanted to share these snippets from the program. My camera didn’t do a great job capturing it (I was in a hurry), so I’ll retype them for clarity.

Bobby Cody, Showrunner

Bobby Cody leads the creative team of Evermore Park on matters directly concerning narrative and production. As the showrunner, he ensures that actors are prepared, writers are meeting deadlines, and department directors have the creative input to create all the magic that goes into Evermore.

Supported by a talented team of artists, he is in charge of ever single aspect of hte show, from ideation to pre-production to production and performance.

Bobby has worked in the entertainment industry since 1987 in a myriad of roles and titles for theatre and film. Combining that knowledge with his work in the gaming industry, Bobby leads his team to pioneer an entertainment experience unlike any in the world.

Evermore Park is an experience park where guests of all ages can escape to a new realm – the fantasy village of Evermore. The park is themed like a European village with its own buildings, citizens and epic story. Guests interact with characters, go on quests and become part of the world of Evermore.

Logan Long, Creative Director

Logan Long, creative director at Evermore Park, is a native of Utah. While serving in the US Air Force, he felt called to do something more.

His gift for sculpture, aided by his wife’s prophetic prodding, led him to enter as an artist in the celebrated Face-Off competition on the SyFy channel. To his surprise, he was selected. While he placed and did not win in season 8, he found that this was a gift in disguise. It allowed him to return on season 11 for a second chance.

Face-Off showcased his skills as a sculptor and a maekup artist and he soon garnered international fame. He was rewarded by working with the best film-makers in India eight times, then in China. It was during his last sojourn in Asia three years ago that he received a call from Utah. Itw as from Evermore’s Ken Bretschneider asking him to head up Evermore’s Creature Shop – a task that visitors say he’s clearly exelled at.

His advice to fellow artists? “Just do it!” he says. “Just produce. Your creativity will always shine through.”

Devon Dorrity, sculptures

Devon was featured on the Evermore creators panel.

Devon Dorrity is a sculptor of fantastic beasts and beautiful creatures. His sculpture and design work has been included in the Spectrum Art Annual four times and his Queen of the Seas bronze sculpture has been on exhibit in NYC museums and won the 2014 Chelsey Award for Dimensional Art. He has been nominated for the Chesley three times. He has done graphic design for over twenty years and has done numerous professional book cover designs.

For more behind-the-scenes info from LTUE, watch these panels!

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