Mayor Violet Leads Guilds to Unity

Aidan and Ildrax

Anyone who has visited Evermore recently can attest that there are many divisions and schisms between the various factions of Evermore. The opposition between the guilds is one of the easiest examples to identify, so it’s natural that the new mayor decided to tackle that first.

Mayor Violet gathers the guilds for a counsel.

One of Violet’s first official acts as mayor was to gather the guilds for a meeting in the town square. She informed the guild leaders, “Thank you for joining. I’ve called this meeting to address the matter of your distrust toward each other. I have now decided that if you cannot come a truce you will be escorted from the town and no longer welcome back. You will need to make a truce tonight.”

Dragons are the biggest reason the guilds fight each other.

“Might I raise some concerns, Violet?” Aidan asked immediately. “Evermore is a very special place. It is a place where many people across the ages have gathered. It’s a place were dragons themselves have called home. It’s the place where the dragons now would like to call home.”

“I would like that,” agreed Violet.

“I am glad to hear it,” replied Aidan. “The dragon trainers only concern is keeping the dragons safe from harm.”

“My concern is the safety of those town and those who live here, including the dragons,” said Violet. “Which is why you need to make a truce or I will escort you out myself.”

“I’ll be honest, I don’t think we need to be manhandled in this manner,” said one of the men. I think it was Jasper of the Blackheart Hunters. “I do think we have quite a handle on it ourslves. Mind you, it’s–”

“Do you think you do?” Violet asked.

He mumbled, “We’ve come to a bit of an arrangement.”

There was a bit of muttering that was difficult to understand. Vaella of the Rangers then spoke up, “Dragons being in town is concerning as I think… Dragons can be dangerous. It could be a danger to the town to have them here. With–”

“We need to trust the dragon trainers,” interrupted Violet. “I think that we all need to work together to figure out a way to come to the understanding that they would make the best decision for us. They know how the dragons are acting, the ones that are here –”

“And what about the ones that are out in the forest?” asked the Hunter

“That’s what you’re here for, yes? To protect us? And if we counsel together, with someone who has trained them for a very long time – no disrespect to your age – but he’s very well versed in the dragons. We need to counsel with them. They are the experts, are they not?”

“What about when something’s rampaging–” the Hunter protested.

Aidan interrupted, “What about when a person is rampaging?”

“This is why we’ll have a council and we’ll work together. I trust each of you. You all have strengths that I need to protect this town. If you do not work together then I cannot help the people that live here or those that will becoming through the portal.”

“My concern is this. I have no problem with counsels and committees and all that, but in a dangerous scenario there’s no time to have a sit down meeting around a table and say, ‘Hm, I think we out to shop this dragon from burning down the town.'”

“That’s why we need to be proactive. We’ve someone who has seen the danger that can come from a dragon, yes? So we need to have a discussion – a true, long discussion of what could come and we need to be ready for any scenario that might befall Evermore.”

At this point, a World Walker interrupted and asked why the focus was on dragons. Violet responded, “Currently, these four guilds fight against each other because of the dragons. This is the number one reason why we are having this meeting. When they join the council – which I will ask every single one of you to do – we will address these issues as well. There are other things coming. Lore is looming and we need to make sure we are all on the same page.”

All four leaders agreed to Violet’s truce.

The Knight and the Hunter appeared to agree, but it was difficult to hear their assent.

“Provided that we are fair and just toward the dragons, you have my agreement,” said Aidan.

“Given that we are fair to have all that have an opinion,” Vaella agreed also.

“If I hear of any slaying of a dragon, any slaying of a dragon at all, there will be tribunal held and each leader of a guild will have a say in the retributions that come. I will make the final decision but I want you to know that you will have a voice. Thank you very much.”

The meeting was a success!

You know the meeting was a success because, as Jasper summarized, “Aye, and not a single one of us started screaming at one another!”

Afterward, Vaella told me, “I am very glad that the town is becoming more unified now that there are new threats.”

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