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Hi! My name is Ally and my two main characters are Alley and Nellie. Alley is a barmaid with a witty tongue and Nellie is an adventurous fairy.  I’m more on the quiet side myself but Evermore has brought out so much in me.

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Female (she/her)

How did you learn about Evermore Park?

I remember hearing about it when it was first being planned and announced and didn’t think much of it until I started seeing footage and wanted to go.

What was your first season at Evermore?

The first day I went was on the last day of Aurora 2018 season but my first true experience was Mythos 2018.

What is your favorite Evermore memory?

One of my fondest memories was on the last day of Mythos 2018, my character Nellie was visiting the fairies one last time and Arwan came to say goodbye. They begged to be knighted and while asking him, they braided his hair and put flowers in it.

How often do you visit the Park?