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About Me

I like to consider myself funny, creative and slightly clumsy.

Character Name

Lady Blue

About Character

One might very plausibly regard Lady Blue as mysterious, if mystery is in wearing a hood and using a fake name. She seems friendly enough, with a welcoming smile that invites others to conversation or trade, but she is not altogether forthcoming in regards to personal information. Those who notice when she does slip up are inclined to believe she is somehow familiar with a future Evermore and that she is currently seeking someone or something she refers to as "The Day". Information beyond this, no one as of yet has shown keen enough interest in acquiring, thus this Lady Blue retains her secrets– And may until the end of time, which she claims is inexistant anyway.

Preferred Pronouns

Female (she/her)

What was your first season at Evermore?

Aurora 2018

What is your favorite Evermore memory?

Talking to Faldo during my first trip to Evermore during Aurora 2018, & leading a group of scared young ladies through the crypt during Lore 2019.

How often do you visit the Park?

Seasonally (1-2 times per season)