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IC: I am called Mischief, not the mischief but more of a manifestation of my nature. This is not my true name, and no I will not tell you. I am a Jinn, nearly 7,000 years old give or take a few hundred years.

I currently travel with the crew of the Cloudbreaker, an merchant airship owned and piloted by Dr. Van Helsiq. The crew and travelers aboard the ship have become my family, and seek to teach me all the wonderful things that are part of humanity….when I am not bound to the furnace.

Character Name

Mischief Al'Jinn

Preferred Pronouns

Female (she/her)

How did you learn about Evermore Park?

Fan X(SLC Comic Con) 2017

What was your first season at Evermore?

Mythos 2019

What is your favorite Evermore memory?

Dancing with the Chief Inspector at the Pirate Soiree

How often do you visit the Park?

Daily (or almost daily)