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Isolde O’Quinn AKA Rogue
Witch. Older than Christianity. Her father was an Irish druid who left his order to be her British witch mother. She had traveled extensively between the new world and the old. She has mastered several schools of magic, including divination, healing, dark magicks, elementals and other she cannot name. She is now immortal thanks to the magic she absorbed while she was hidden away in a pocket universe within a book courtesy of a certain Jinn in Evermore. She is the last of her kind. As the humans of her universe feared magic to the point of exterminating all magic users and magical creatures. She had escaped detection due to her isolating herself after her last lover went a died in some petty war in a cabin in the woods in an area near Salem. The Jinn swept her up into the pocket universe to protect her, but without her knowledge. Being released from the book was quite a jolt, considering it was after much of Evermore had fallen to a plague.

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Female (she/her)

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