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About Me

I love hugs and smiling. but most of all i love to sing sea shanties.

Character Name

Shika (she-ka)

About Character

She Is shy around new people but after a bit of talking shes fairly goofy and sweet. most of her friends say she first comes off as intimidating because of all the black she wears.

Preferred Pronouns

Female (she/her)

How did you learn about Evermore Park?

My friend Jayce Took me one day and i just feel in love with it.

What was your first season at Evermore?

Aurora (in December 2019)

What is your favorite Evermore memory?

the first time i came i was dressed up as a snow elf and the white wolves tried to scare me. i’m a fan or horror so it didn’t work but it was still really cool.

How often do you visit the Park?