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Character Name

Aubin (Awh bin) Rayali (Ray all ee)

About Character

(I'll edit this and add more later.) Aubin is a Ranger's Apprentice. (2nd Level). She has a friendship with Wysafina, (You can call her Wys, but not Wuss) And Jinx. She likes to poke fun at Jinx.

Preferred Pronouns

Female (she/her)

How did you learn about Evermore Park?

My elder sister went to Evermore with her DND guild, and she told me what she had done and showed me a video of the day she was there. (Lore 2019)

I was entranced and made it my goal to go as soon as possible. We would share theories and such.

What was your first season at Evermore?

Aurora 2019 (Dec 17th)

What is your favorite Evermore memory? My favorite Evermore memory took place on February 22nd, 2020. Sylvi froze almost everyone in the town, except for worldwalkers, Miss Ginley, and Gjakull. We all had to collaborate to find silver and red ribbons. Me and somebody else, (I forgot to ask her name in the urgency of the situation.) Thawed Yolo. I’ll be honest, him being in so much pain made me cry. We got him to the fire soon afterwards, and I helped to the most of my ability. Evermore is AMAZING.

How often do you visit the Park?

Seasonally (1-2 times per season)