UPDATED: Merchandise from Lore 2019

The gift shop has expanded quite a bit since the close of Mythos! They’ve expanded their offerings and the store space, which is quite a relief!

Please note that all prices and offerings are subject to change. This is accurate as of the opening night of Lore 2019.

Post Cards: $1

These Lore-themed collectible post cards are $1 each.

Patches: $5-$10

Large and small patches are available. The smaller patches are guild-specific and only $5 each. The larger Evermore patches are $10 each.

Bracelets: $12

There are many bracelet options to choose from! They’re all $12.

Pendants: $15-$32

There are many kinds of pendants available in the gift shop now. The coin pendants are $15 and the dragon eye pendants are $32.

T-Shirts: $22

White and black Evermore emblem T-shirts are available. They are $22 each.

Dragon Eggs: $35

These dragon eggs come in all sorts of colors. They are all stunning – and $35 each!

Horn Mugs: $35

These horn mugs are really well made. They’re also $35.

Ocarinas: $38-$198

There are many stunningly beautiful variations of ocarinas in the shop right now. They range in price from $38 to $198, depending on the style you choose.

These are $38 each.

These are $48.

These are $58.

This one is $198. It’s easily the most expensive thing I found in the gift shop so far.

Skeleetle Bugs: $40

Skeleethe bugs are from the Lore Portal. The sign near the display reads, “Using its sharp horn, the Skeleetle is known to cut through bone to get to the marrow.”

Dragon Plushies: $40

The plush dragons are absolutely adorable! They come in three colors: red/yellow, green/yellow and white/blue. They are $40 each.

Dragon Head Mount: $40

Remember the uproar that Sephtis caused during Mythos when he mounted that dragon head on the wall? Well, now you can have your very own!

Evermore Bags: $50

As we’ve noted before, a sturdy satchel of some kind is absolutely essential to your Evermore adventure. I highly recommend the bags that are sold right at the park. They are beautiful, emblazoned with the Evermore emblem and perfect to hold all your gear.

These backpacks are $50.

See more Evermore merch here!

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