Merchandise from Mythos 2019

As Ollie knows, there’s no gift like an Evermore gift! Of course, when I wander into the merchandise shop, I’m generally not looking at gifts because I want all the things for myself. 😉

In Mythos 2019, the offerings were truly phenomenal.

Evermore Bags

As we’ve noted before, a sturdy satchel of some kind is absolutely essential to your Evermore adventure. I highly recommend the bags that are sold right at the park. They are beautiful, emblazoned with the Evermore emblem and perfect to hold all your gear.

Evermore Merchandise: Backpacks


You’re going to want to take notes in the park. Taking notes will help you keep track of what you’ve learned, who you’ve talked to and what your quests are. A great notebook can be very helpful.

These notebooks are absolutely phenomenal.

Dragon Plushies


The plush dragons are absolutely adorable! They come in three colors: red/yellow, green/yellow and white/blue.

Dragon Eggs

These dragon eggs come in all sorts of colors. I want ALL of them, so I sure hope they stick around into next season!

Dragon’s Eye Pendants

I didn’t get the chance to snag one of these, so I hope these return for Lore also.

Horn Mugs

Have you seen these horn mugs? They were available in the gift shop and some of the concession stands.

Wands and Coins

The collectible seasonal coins are a must-have, in my opinion. They are $15 and very solid. You can usually pick them up at any of the concession stands, as well.

The wands are a bit pricier. They are fun and well-made, but I haven’t picked one up yet.

Cards and Badges

Quest cards are the #1 must-have item in the gift shop. If you’re looking to get started in the park, or just looking to collect these seasonal cards, you need to buy these. I bought four packs of each. One to use… two to save… and one for reasons that will be revealed on our Facebook page!

There are four guild patches: one for the Dragon Trainers, the Blackheart Hunters, the Knights of Mythos and the Rangers of the Red Fletch.

See more Evermore merchandise here!

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