Mind Control Potions Force Two Evermorians into Crime

Maxwell Morgan

Ozymandias stormed into the Mausoleum with a horde of World Walkers in the early evening. Apparently, new evidence had surfaced which suggested that both Gudrun and Maxwell Morgan had something to do with the barn fire and burglary earlier in the season.

Ozymandias discovers that Gudrun may have been involved in the barn fire.

Admittedly, Gudrun is one of my very favorite people in the park. As the town historian, she is a great source of information about the history and goings-on of the town.

The mausoleum was very crowded during this tableau, so it was very difficult to see and hear what was happening. Fortunately, I was given this video:

In the video, we see Ozymandias confront Gudrun. He asks to search her things and she allows it. She is a little rattled but very cooperative. Ozymandias discovered what appears to be a piece of thread magic in the binding of a book. He also finds a torn piece of a page.

At one point, Gudrun observed, “It looks like thread magic from the barn. I swear, I don’t — I was asleep taht night. I might’ve seen it before. It’s ahrd to tell. But I swear, I did not burn down the barn.”

“Were you at the barn?” Ozymandias asked.

“The next day, yes,” Gudrun replied, clearly struggling to remember. “But that evening, I believe I went to sleep. That’s what I remember. I remember going home and then waking up the next morning.”

Just before leaving, Ozymandias warns, “Miss Gudrun, I am going to have to ask you to remain here in the mausoleum. I’m gonna place you under the watch of the Knights. If you leave the mausoleum without permission, you will be placed under arrest.”

Maxwell Morgan’s alibi disappeared.

Immediately after discussing this with Gudrun, Ozymandias headed for the town center. He confronted Piper and asked her to restate her alibi from the night of the burglary.

She responded, “Well, the entire acting troupe, we were rehearsing out by our tent and sometime after midnight we heard there’d been a break-in or a burglary at Professor Beaumont’s and we’d been there all night.”

Ozymandias cleared his throat and stared at her for a few moments.

She was clearly uncomfortable. She squirmed and whispered, “Ozymandias–”

“If you could tell me the truth?”

“I’m not a good liar,” she whispered. Louder, she said, “Listen, nobody asked me straight out if we were all rehearsing–”

Ozymandias asked, “Who wasn’t there?”

“Maxwell,” Piper admits, “but he wouldn’t–”

The conversation continues for a moment, but then Ozymandias turns his attention to Maxwell himself. You can see the entire interaction in the video below.

Ozymandias confronts Maxwell and discovers he was under the influence of a mind control potion.

Of course, Ozymandias immediately followed up with Maxwell. He insisted that he went to sleep that evening. It’s all very similar to the story Gudrun told.

Rooster appeared with a package that had Chuckles had discovered in the woods. It contained an alleged mind control potion, but Rooster insisted that it was probably just rubbish. Ozymandias tested it and proved that it was, in fact, a mind control potion.

He didn’t arrest Maxwell for the burglary. He left the scene looking troubled and admitted the mostly-empty mind control potion vial into evidence.

Who is the real criminal?

Clearly, Gudrun and Maxwell were acting under the control of someone else. As Ozymandias told Mr. Morgan, “You and Ms. Gudrun have been used as puppets for someone else.”

Who do you think is using the mind control potion?

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