The Mysteries of Mythos 2019

Many mysteries were uncovered during Mythos 2019 but few have been actually solved. Here’s what we know so far (and if you have additional details, please share in the comments or forums)!

Violet’s Barn Fire

Early in the season, someone set fire to Violet’s barn. You can read more about the barn fire here.

Edgar Beaumont’s Burglary

Shortly after the barn fire, someone burglarized Edgar Beaumont’s house. They stole his notes on blood magic and all the gold he’d saved for the academy. Here’s what we know.

The One True Government of Evermore

Just as Evermore prepares to have free and fair elections, an anonymous individual or organization surfaced. They claim to be The One True Government of Evermore. Here’s how that’s going.


The whole situation with Dmitri is very complicated. Basically, Jardani took over Dmitri’s body because Dmitri was a bad guy… and Dmitri was strong enough to take it back. There has been a power struggle ever since.

Most recently, Dmitri split himself into five pieces, each corresponding to a certain trait. Each piece was embedded within a different resident of Evermore. Rooster, Cleo, Ozymandias and Maxwell all had one. We still don’t know who has the final piece.


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