Fairies of Mythos Say Goodbye to Kyra at Fairywell

With the closing of the Mythos portal, the fairies gathered in the gardens for a “fairy-well” farewell. This moment was made even more emotional by last week’s bombshell revelation that Fairy Princess Kyra wasn’t really a fairy at all.

Since Kyra will not be travelling through the portal with them, the fairy-well mostly focused on the fairies saying goodbye to their lifelong friend, Kyra.

Kyra passed on the crown to Imelda.

Imelda pointed out that Kyra had been with them since they were all born. She attempted to return Kyra’s crown to her, but Kyra wouldn’t accept it. She said, “I cannot accept this because I am not a fairy. I’m not even Mythosian. But you are. Not only that, but, my dear friend, you are kind beyond measure, wise beyond belief, stronger than you know. You kneel.”

Imelda kelt and Kyra placed the crown on her head. She said, “Imelda, you are now the Fairy Princess of Mythos. Will you promise to keep on these scraggly band of mischiefs?”

Kyra was appointed an honorary fairy.

“We would greatly appreciate it if you were an honorary fairy,” Aiyana said. Certain Evermorians like Ollie have been appointed honorary fairies. So has my daughter, Millabelle.

Goldie and Windy Dash sang Kyra a song.

Goldie and Windy Dash sang a song to Kyra as part of the Fairy-Well. Although the other fairies did not sing, Briar danced.

The lyrics to the song are:

White coral bells upon a slender stalk
Lillies of the valley deck my garden walk
Oh how I wish, that I could hear them ring
That will happen only when the fairies sing!

Each fairy shared a favorite memory of Kyra.

Briar Rose said, “I really like all her sparklies, and one time she gave me a lovely sparkly.”

Windy Dash said, “My favorite thing is when I trap Kyra inside of a fairy circle and she can’t move… but I always let her out because I love her the most.”

Goldie said, “I love how brightly Kyra always shines whenever she’s near me. And she always says ‘Hello, Goldie,’ with the most – oh, she has the brightest smile!”

Nacl said, “When I first found Fuzz and he was injured and he didn’t belong in his hive anymore, I was afraid to show him to the fairies because I didn’t think they would accept him. But when you found him, you said that it was kind of me to keep him and that I could keep him as a pet. And I’ll always remember that.”

Aiyana said, “My story is also from back in Mythos. Back when I was bouncing back and forth between studying under Caspian and, of course, coming back to the garden every night, I snuck into the garden very, very late one night and you were there. You didn’t ask questions and you didn’t chastise me. You just said, ‘I’m glad you’re home safe.'”

I think it was Imelda that said, “One of my favorite memories is… I fell out of a tulip and you caught me before I got to fall. One of the most liberating moments and probably the best moment. You’re the first person that helped me.”

The fairies assured Kyra, “We know that you have a lot to discover about yourself but you always have a home back in Mythos with us.”

“I might take you open on that,” Kyra said, “Maybe in a thousand years.”

You can watch this scene here:

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