Evermore Park Menus from Mythos 2019

The concessions at Evermore Park change with each season, so these treats may no longer be available now that Mythos 2019 is over. However, we are including them on the site to give context to the type of food that Evermore Park offers.

Please note that Evermore is working toward expanding its kitchen. The cafe is also expected to open sometime in 2020, per this conversation in the Evermore Facebook Group. 

During Mythos 2019, there were four concession stands in the park. There were the two main ones in the town square, along with the shanty shack near the Mill and another outpost near the Burrows. The two in town square serve different snacks. When you walk in, savories are on the left and sweets are on the right.

Barter’s West

Barter’s West offers mostly savory snacks. In Mythos 2019, their offerings included bratwurst ($5-$8), nachos ($10-$12) and french fries ($4-$6). They also offered mac & cheese, chili & cheese fries and pulled pork and chicken sliders.

Barter’s East

Barter’s East specializes in sweet snacks. It offers delicious drinks like fresh-squeezed orange juice ($5). flavored lemonades ($3), coffee ($2.50) and hot chocolate ($3). They also offer ice cream sundaes ($4), crumble cookies ($4), churros ($3), Popsicles ($2) and more.

The Shanty Shack

To be honest, I don’t remember if this is the official name of this concession stand or not. It’s just what I’ve called it the entire time. This is located near the Nettleton Mill.

This stand offers Bryggi’s Butter Brew for $4. You have to try this – it’s delicious! I buy myself some brew every time we visit the park. It’s that good.

This stand also offered popcorn ($2), cotton candy ($5) or a teriyaki chicken rice bowl ($8).

The Hex Trove

The Hex Trove is located in the back of the park, near the Burrows and the merchants. It was inexplicably closed during the last part of Mythos, so I did not get a picture of their sign.

They offered fairy popcorn ($5), buttered popcorn, Bryggi’s butter brew ($4), Bryggi’s root beer floats and ice cream.

Millabelle loves Evermore fairy popcorn

My daughter, Millabelle, loves the Evermore fairy popcorn! Of course, that’s probably because she’s an honorary fairy.

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