Naemur is Dead: An Evermore Park Weekend in Review (9/27-30)

There’s never a dull moment in Evermore! Here’s our recap of everything that happened in town during the weekend of September 27th through September 30, 2019.

Mayor Atkinson holds a council.

After two weeks away in London, Mayor Atkinson has returned to Evermore. She held a town council on Friday evening but it didn’t go well. It was full of blame, as the guilds blamed one another for failings in the barrier. Balthazar, a temporary appointee to the council, seemed to find the entire situation rather amusing.

Zhodi confronts the Fae King.

The Fae King accused Zhodi of denying the World Walkers “the blessings of the darkblood plague.”

Zhodi countered by saying the darkness was not as bad or scary as they think and that it is not used completely for evil. Zhodi said that the Fae King does not use the darkness correctly.

It was an interesting conversation, to say the least.

[ video will be available soon ]

Cecily Sinclair joins the Acting Troupe.

Evermore newcomer Cecily Sinclair joined the Acting Troupe following auditions on Friday evening.

Naemur is dead.

Naemur, one of the Rangers of the Red Fletch, was pronounced dead on Saturday. He had been missing since Friday, when his bow was found with a cut string outside the barrier.

While searching the area, Jasper had found an area of freshly churned dirt, Naemur’s folded cloak and an inscription etched into a tree.


A vigil was held near the Rangers’ area on Saturday evening. It was discovered that the banished ranger Hal had found Naemur’s remains and buried them. It appears that Naemur was killed by a dark blood creature. Hal claims to have ground up Naemur’s bones so he couldn’t become a dark blood creature.

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Caderyn is gone.

When Faldo entered the ruins, Caderyn emerged from within the Fae King to say his final goodbyes. He expressed that he was too tired to keep fighting and begged Faldo to watch over Kyra. When the Fae King re-emerged, he thanked Faldo for helping him destroy one more part of Caderyn.

After walking off, Faldo announced that Caderyn was gone.

Ben & Ophelia are engaged to be married!

Benjamin and Ophelia are officially engaged and plan to be married next Saturday evening.

Inspector Ozymandius quits the council.

Ozymandius has stated that he wants to return to his original purpose of establishing a government and judicial system in Evermore. Once his task is completed, he will return to London.

Piper tricked Rooster into an engagement.

Of course, Piper is still convinced there is a curse on Evermore and that something tragic will befall Ophelia before the wedding… so she is doing everything she can to stall their wedding (or get married first) in order to protect her friend.

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