3 Things New World Walkers Need to Know

If you’ve never visited Evermore Park before, you probably have a lot of questions. Since I typically buy my tickets at the gate, I’ve had many long conversations with new World Walkers who are nervous about their first trip through the portal.

These are the 3 most common concerns that I’ve answered for new people at Evermore Park.

1. There is no wrong way to experience Evermore Park.

Walking through the portal at Evermore Park is a very personal experience. As Jardani once advised a group of new World Walkers, “What you get out of Evermore depends on what you put into it. Some World Walkers visit us only once… and some come back so often that they become part of the family.”

There is no wrong way to experience Evermore Park. You can immerse yourself as much or as little as you would like. Everyone has a different approach and that’s okay.

There are endless things to do within the park. You can walk through the portal just to admire the architecture and design of the park… or you can just do some axe-throwing and eat some concessions while you watch the Acting Troupe’s shows… or you can get to know some new friends among the Evermorians… or you can complete some quests… or you can join a guild… or you can dig into the mysteries and stories… or you can do something else entirely!

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For the first several times I visited the park, I couldn’t speak to any of the characters. I loved the environment and I was excited to be there, but I froze like a deer in the headlights whenever someone spoke to me. Whenever someone spoke to me, I would nudge my daughter and she would respond for me. It was ridiculous… but it was okay. Nobody made me feel awkward or weird about it.

Now, I can interact fully with every character. I have established friendships with the Evermorians and I have pledged to a guild. I have become very involved… but I only blossomed beyond my anxiety here because it was such a kind and welcoming space.

2. The official Evermorians wear glowing medallions.

Many World Walkers like to visit the park in costume, so it can be difficult to tell who the real Evermorians are. Fortunately, the real citizens of Evermore all wear glowing medallion necklaces that make it easier to find them. The medallion does not glow in the daylight but it is still large enough to be easily spotted. After dark, they glow green and sometimes red.

You can see the large medallion near Faldo’s lantern in this photo:

You can also see the glowing medallions on Ozymandius and the Lady Grey in this photo:

If you’re looking for a quest or a certain character, be sure to keep an eye out for those medallions. Some of the official characters, like Aros the Beastmaster, do not have them… but all the major characters and quest-givers do.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is happy to help.

I have been mistaken for staff on several occasions – and I honestly love it! The first time I was asked for a quest, I felt like I’d truly succeeded at belonging in the Park.

Everyone who works at Evermore Park is kind and happy to help new World Walkers along their way. Most of the World Walkers are, also. After all, we all gather within the portal because we share a love for the town and the people in it!

Evermore Park is a completely unique experience. There’s nothing else like it. We all understand that, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Got questions? Ask in the comments!

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