New Evermorians Arrive in Evermore – Check the Character Database!

The holiday season has brought many new Evermorians into town! Some of them have been displaced due to the ravages of the darkblood plague. Others have come to assist the town. Some are visiting family. Alarmingly, some have flickered into existence, displaced from their former time and place. Either way, there are many new faces to meet!

We are updating our character directory as quickly as we can. However, there are many new faces and it may take us a while to get everyone properly documented in the directory.

Among the newcomers are Phillip’s siblings, twins Bartholomew and Lauren Humphrey. Mayor Violet Atkinson’s half-sister Dorothy is also in town. She did not know about their father’s passing until she arrived in town.

Dr. Rosalind Marsh, a medical doctor, has arrived to study the darkblood plague.

Uriah Dickens, a barrister and solicitor, has also come to town. He is now assisting with the sale of many of the buildings within Evermore.

Henry Werther has also arrived, with the hope of purchasing the Copper Confection. He is extraordinarily cheerful and thrilled to be in town, although he is not sure how he is going to afford the 5,500 gold required to purchase the building.

Two Grey sisters have also arrived. They claim to be on a mission to help the town. Their names are Miss Caitlin Grey and Miss Anastasia Grey. They are only distantly related to the Evermore Greys. However, they did live at that Evemore Grey estate before the Greys we know resided there.

An Irish musician named Kiva  has also arrived in town. She has cheered up the town with her mandolin and harp.

Johnathan Drake Karrigan is a new Blackheart Hunter who has arrived. He has caused quite a stir by displacing Jasper as leader of the Blackhearts.

There other new members of the guilds as well. Filander is a new member of the Acting Troupe. A new Ranger has appeared, flickered from the future. A new Knight has appeared, who flickered from the past.

Be sure to check the character directory for updates!

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