Ozymandius Releases Sephtis in Defiance of the OTG

Septhis is arrested

Over the weekend, Sephtis was accused of murdering Lady Grey’s parents in cold blood. Although the murder took place 10 years ago, the revelation and subsequent arrest has scandalized the town.

Ozymandias led Sephtis around in chains all day.

Ozymandias led Sephtis’ around Evermore in chains for the majority of August 5, 2019. Apparently, he didn’t think it was safe to leave him in the stocks after Kaida’s escape a few days prior.

He informed us that he was awaiting word from his superiors about how to handle Sephtis’ case.

The One True Government of Evermore sentenced Sephtis to death without a trial.

Word came late in the evening, in the form of a letter. Phillip Humphrey ran to find Ozymandias, who was waiting on the grand staircase with Sephtis.

Ozymandias opened the letter and was horrified by what he read. According to the letter, Sephtis was to be found guilty for “the crime of unlawful and unwarranted execution of Thomas and Rosalind Grey,” and sentenced to death immediately.

The letter was signed by the One True Government of Evermore.

Ozymandias set Sephtis free immediately.

As Ozymandias concluded reading the letter, Phillip Humphrey ran up the steps and snatched the paper out of Ozymandias’ hands. He read it fervently.

In the meantime, Ozymandias ordered Sephtis to run. He shoved Sephtis down the stairs and shouted at him to run.

Ser Kilyrie was upset by his decision.

“No! Sephtis! Get back here at once!” Ser Kilyrie shouted as Sephtis ran away. He kept running, so she spun around and directed her remarks at Ozymandias. “Ozymandias! You do not have the right to make these kind of decisions!”

“Nor does the One True Government–” interrupted Phillip Humphrey, irate.

“We don’t know who the One True Government is!” Ser Kilyrie shouted.

“I do not report to ghosts,” said Ozymandias. “I do not honor their requests.”

“That is not a ghost!”

“Allow the One True Government to find me out then.”

“Alright, but in the meantime we cannot let guilty men run free. That’s not your decision to make. You’re not the judge in this–”

Ozymandias replied with something that I didn’t quite catch.

“I cannot do anything to you,” Ser Kilyrie responded. “You are not a guilty man. I am only hear to serve the law, which you have failed to do.”

“Please trust me. Just this once,” Ozymandias replied as he walked down the stairs. “All will be right in the end.”

“I trust you, Ozymandias,” she said as she walked back up the stairs.

You can watch this scene unfold here.

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