People are Flickering Through Time (and Place)

Flickering has become something of a buzzword in Evermore, with the unexpected arrival of several people. These newcomers were displaced in time (and place), spontaneously arriving in Evermore from wherever they were before.

According to some travelers, flickering has become a common occurrence that is afflicting countless people across the various worlds connected to Evermore. Some speculate that this may be an unintended consequence of tearing the Lore portal from the cycle. 

Dryner arrives from the future Mythos

Dryner is an Elven Ranger from 100 years after our Elven Rangers came through the portal. In Dryner’s world, the Rangers of Evermore are heroes, declared missing in action and given statutes to commemorate their heroic feats. He has referred to Vaella as “Queen of the Quiver.”

Sergeant Thaddeus arrives from the past Mythos.

Sergeant Thaddeus, a Knight who is familiar with Sir Arawn, vanished mid-stride from Mythos two years before Arawn came to Evermore. Arawn even attended his funeral! However, he has now arrived spontaneously in Evermore.

The Pirates recount tails of Flickering in the In-Between.

Miri and the Captain have been travelling through the In-Between and elsewhere for seven years. They report that millions of people have lost their homes and worlds in circumstances that sound like flickering. Mr. Cross has also vanished in a similar way. Miri suspects that this is because we tore Lore from the portal cycle.

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