What Happened at the Pirate Soiree? (11/2)

Did you miss the Pirate Soiree? It was an incredible party. We spent the evening relaxing with our Evermorian friends, but we did catch these four videos for you.

Fire Dancers + Fireworks = Awesome

The fireworks began as the fire dancers were finishing their performance. The result was absolutely magical!

Droch hosts a Dance Party.

Did you see the laser whip? So awesome.

A Dance Auction brought in a LOT of gold from wealthy World Walkers!

Sephtis sold for 400 gold. I’m not even joking.

Captain Duphrane announced the pirate guild would be a permanent fixture in Evermore.

I was honestly a little disappointed that the announcement wasn’t more surprising… but that’s okay. I like the pirates and I’m glad they’re sticking around.

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