Benjamin Scuff

Benjamin Scuff

Benjamin was Rooster’s business partner. He was born in London, where his very ill mother still lives.

This poor shyster was doing very well for himself as Rooster’s right-hand man. The two of them traveled extensively, swindling money and magic from anyone and everyone who seems to deserve some swindling. Even if they didn’t, Ben never really let ethics get in the way of a good sale.

The two of them eventually arrived in Evermore. During his time in town, Ben has dabbled in being an honorary minstrel and even attempted a mayoral run.

Rooster turned over a new leaf when Dmitri was removed from him. As a result, the new and honest Rooster began to openly admit that the business just sold a lot of “rubbish.” This understandably created a rift between the two of them, especially since Ben continued to trade with the pirates against Rooster’s wishes.

Late in Mythos 2019, Ben found himself smitten with Ophelia from the Acting Troupe. They became engaged during the following Lore season. The Evermore Gazette ran a wedding announcement that said:

“Claude and Eloise Blanche of Leeds are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Ophelia Blanche, to Benjamin Scuff, son of Lauren Scuff of Evermore.

Ophelia came to Evermore with her traveling acting troupe to obtain new material for stories and perform. While the original plan was to not stay for long, they changed their minds because Evermore has the biggest and best crowd they had ever seen.

Ben grew up in Evermore but left as a young lad with his mother to travel to London. As fate would have it, Ben came back to Evermore with his fellow merchant Rooster around the same time Ophelia arrived herself. They met the night the Mythos portal opened, when Ben was pulled into performing with the acting troupe on stage.

Their first outing together consisted of a double date with Piper and Tip Top. They went on a stroll up to the bridge that overlooked Evermore. While Piper and Tip Top did not make it past their first date, Ben and Ophelia are planning their future together.

The wedding will be held Saturday, October 5th, under the Pumpkin Archway.”

Unfortunately, Benjamin Scuff passed away unexpectedly on the night before his wedding to Ophelia. He collapsed on October 4th but was not officially declared deceased until the next day.

His obituary ran in the following week’s Gazette, which was published on 10/10. It read:

“Benjamin Scuff, 22, of Evermore passed away Friday, October 4.

Benjamin left Evermore as a young lad for London where he learned the trade of a traveling merchant and found success with his business partner Reginald “Rooster” Reyes. Their sales would eventually lead them back to Evermore where Benjamin would meet the love of his life, Ms. Ophelia Blanche. The two became engaged and were to be married last Saturday, October 5th.

Benjamin is survived by his mother, Lauren Scuff, and his fiance Ophelia Blanche, as well as many friends who will miss him sorely.

A funeral will be held this weekend. Donations may be given to the Acting Troupe. Condolences may be sent through the postman, Phillip Humphrey, to Ophelia or Rooster.”

He returned to Evermore as a ghost on Monday, 10/14. Only Ophelia Blanche and the World Walkers can see him.

Rooster eventually traded his life for Benjamin’s. Rooster died and Benjamin returned. He married Ophelia at the end of Lore. During Aurora, they took off to travel the world together.


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