Bridge is a troll who appeared during Lore 2019. The skull on a stick is known as Kenneth.


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  1. When the Troll Sisters, Pebbles and Not-Pebbles left for sunny Mexico, the pair entrusted the care and safety of the bridge to Bridge. The Troll is curious about humans, though can become annoyed with rude World Walkers, but will become engaging should they choose to learn about Troll culture and will give an honorary troll name to those who earned his friendship.

    Large, intimidating to behold Bridge is often in good spirits despite losing part of his right arm due to sunlight exposure. Sunlight is toxic to his kind, it will turn their flesh to stone. Bridge was not to be deterred merely broke the afflicted limb off with the help of Kenneth.

    Kenneth is Bridge’s talkative friend and sometimes conscious. Though his advice is often dubious.

    During Lore(2019), Bridge despite not physically showing the effects of the Darkblood p
    Plague (it is not uncommon for Bridge Trolls to have growths) Bridge and Kenneth were in direct contact with The Darkness, whom they called The Mother.

    Once freed, Bridge has decided to try and gain a better understanding his neighbors. Even going as far as to offering his protection to the Coven should the Acolytes attempt to make good on their plans.