Caderyn is the Guardian of the Fae. He has lived for thousands of years and uses much of his energy to protect and care for the fairies.

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Caderyn becomes the Fae King during Lore.

Unfortunately, Caderyn is half-Mythosian and half-Lorian so he is deeply affected when the Lore Portal opens. He inevitably transforms into the fearsome Fae King. Caderyn does not like to be the Fae King.

This is the Fae King from Lore 2019.

Although Caderyn was always known for being wise and kind, he is unwillingly overcome by the darkness of Lore. He becomes The Fae King, who is cruel and deceitful. The Fae King spreads the darkness but does not seem to trasmit the Darkblood Plague himself.

In Lore 2018, the Fae King promised Olc, the leader of the druids, that he would give them great power if they would pledge their loyalty to him. They had lost their connection to magic ages ago, and the druids saw this as an opportunity to regain some of their long-lost power. When World Walkers helped stop the darkness, Caderyn retreated into the forest through Aurora so he could recover his memory the best he could.

Caderyn deceived Kyra about her past.

A thousand years ago, Kyra helped seal the portals closed. Her three sisters helped her but to do this, they all had to stay in different portals. This powerful act of magic resulted in her memory being entirely erased.

Caderyn found her in a field of flowers and realized she had entirely forgotten who she was. Since she was trapped in Mythos, away from her family, he decided that it would be best for her to not remember what she had lost. She had often remarked that she wished she could be as carefree as the fairies, so Caderyn lied and told her that she was the oldest of the fairies. He told her that she was the Princess of the Fairies, and so that is what she believed.

Just before the Mythos portal closed, Caderyn gathered the Mythosian fairies and ordered them to return through the portal. He was already rapidly transforming into the Fae King and said he wouldn’t be able to protect them if they stayed. When Kyra protested, Caderyn said that she shouldn’t go with them. He proceeded to confess that he had lied to her and that she wasn’t really a fairy at all. He told her about her past and encouraged her to stay in Evermore in the hope that she could meet her sisters again.

Kyra was very offended by this deception. Although Caderyn insists that he had the best of intentions, Kyra was horrified that she had believed a lie for a thousand years. As a result, she will not have anything to do with Caderyn now.

This is Caderyn as he appeared at the end of Mythos 2019

Caderyn was saved in Faldo’s lantern during Lore 2019.

When the Darkness completely overtook the Fae King, Caderyn was unable to keep fighting. In a tender conversation with Faldo, he said that he couldn’t keep struggling against the darkness. Watch this moment (with subtitles) below.

Later, it was revealed that Caderyn’s spirit left the husk of the Fae King and entered Faldo’s lantern. This was made possible by a piece of intricate thread magic, woven by a World Walker named Renee.


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