Bear “Suds” McBride

Bear Suds McBride

Suds is the bartender and owner of the Crooked Lantern Tavern. His full name is Bear “Suds” McBride.

Suds’ fiancee was lost through the Lore Portal.

During Lore 2018, Suds fell madly in love with Clara Nettleton (Captain Fergus Nettleton’s daughter). The entire town rejoiced in their romance, because it was a delightful distraction from the darkness seeping in through the Lore Portal. Unbeknownst to Suds, Clara caught the Darkblood Plague from her brother Finley.

Jardani encouraged her to flee through the portal so she couldn’t spread the darkness further. When the portal was sealed shut by Wen Weaver and Wikam, Clara was trapped on the other side.

Suds and Jardani had been great friends until Suds discovered his involvement in Clara’s disappearance. Suds still blames Jardani for her death. You can watch the Acting Troupe recap this tragic loss in this video:

Suds has a daughter named Ro.

During Lore 2019, it was discovered that Clara was pregnant when she stepped through the portal. She gave birth in Lore to a child.

Their daughter, Roe, came through the portal when it opened in Lore 2019… and nearly 20 years had passed since Clara had disappeared.

In the following video, you can see the moment that Suds and Ro realized they were related.

Ro arrested Suds for embezzlement.

Ozymandias allowed Ro to take the lead on an investigation… into her father, for embezzlement. She arrested him during early Aurora 2019.

Suds has an awesome Realms card!

Suds had a card in the first-ever Realms set.


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  1. Many World Walkers tried to pay Suds bail but turned out most of the Gold was counterfeit and was taken back into custody.

  2. Rumor has it that Suds has left Evermore to “Seek adventure!” Leaving Cleo in charge. Check in at the tavern to learn more!