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  1. After the struggles of Lore 2019 Sykes had the unfortunate duty to let the people of Evermore know the land under their homes would be put up for sale. He found a way to calm people down and help them understand that when they could purchase the land they would have more rights and be better off.

    Sykes was one of the few Evermorians that were able to refrain from eating pie during the Pie Crisis of Aurora 2019. He worked closely with the Wolves of Winter and what remained of the other guilds to keep Evermore from falling to the Elves of light.

    During a party put on during Aurora 2019 by the Elves of Light, Sykes was taken by Evermorians under the control of Ginley by way of pie. He was dragged to the crossroads of the Ruins and Burrows where Gafruk would eventually break his leg.