Vaella Longborn

Vaella is the leader of the Rangers of the Order of the Red Fletch. She is ancient and a veteran of the Dragon Wars.

Born in Mythos, her father being an Elven Ranger as well, she trained beginning at the age of around 900, to follow in her father’s footsteps.

She arrived in Evermore, bringing the Ranger’s Guild with her, to “protect in order to empower”. She teaches others how to fight so that they can learn to protect themselves and the people around them.

It was revealed in Lore 2019 that Vaella had been sent to take over Evermore. Vaella has defied her leaders and orders and instead protects the town.

During Mythos 2019, Vaella was deemed a “murderer” for her part in the Dragon Wars by the dragon trainers. After much work throughout the season, Vaella and the dragon trainers came to a truce.

During Lore 2019, Vaella lost her mentor, Neumer. He was murdered by Maxwell Morgan and found in the woods with burns on his body. When the darkblood plague hit the town, Vaella then lost Hal to the plague.

During Aurora 2019, Vaella ate pie given to her by the light elves and took on a child- like persona, giggling and playing games every night. She then, along with the other two rangers, developed sparkles on her face like the light elves. It was only when the King of the wolves arrived, playing war sounds, that the entire town were free from their pie symptoms.


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  1. Vaela is actually a princess of her realm. She is stern but fair. Dedicated and stalwart.

    During the pie crisis of Aurora 2019 sparkles appeared on the faces of her and the other rangers that made them appear like the Elves of light.

  2. Recently Dryner became interested in learning how to fight. Vaela was not to keen on the idea. Eventually Dryner was able to convince Knightshade and a WW to help get wood to train but Vaela was not in on the decision.