Oighear Emberson

Oighear is a Blackheart Hunter. It’s rumored that he had a romantic interest in Vaella, the leader of the Rangers.

Kyne Ranoa Mallach

Kyne joined the Blackheart Hunters of Evermore during Lore 2019. Originally from a few miles north of town, Kyne told us, “At one point I…

Jasper Or’Touthe

Jasper is a very hungry Blackheart Hunter. He almost always has food in his pockets.

Drake Karrigan

Drake, a Blackheart Hunter, showed up at the beginning of Aurora 2019. He brought with him a letter from Killian, a founder of the Blackhearts,…


Aryyk claims to have started the Blackheart Hunters guild with his sister, Killian.