Quest Cards: The Full Collection

Evermore Quest Card 1: Evermore Origins

Quest cards are the easiest way to jump into the story at Evermore Park. You’ll usually receive a starter quest while you’re standing in line at the portal, but you can always pick up additional quest cards in the shop.

What are Evermore Park Quest Cards?

We have been visiting Evermore Park since it opened in Fall 2018. At first, it was very difficult to know where to start because the park was new and there was very little guidance.

During Mythos 2019, Evermore Park introduced Quest Cards. Each card has certain tasks that can help you get involved in the story line. Usually, quest cards help you discover additional quests within the park.

The starter quest is free but additional quest card expansion packs are sold for $2 per pack. There are three cards per pack.

What are the Lore 2019 Quest Cards?

So far, we’ve only received the Starter Quest. According to the gift shop employees we spoke to, the quest packs won’t be released until closer to October.

The Adventure Begins

The Starter Quest for Lore 2019 is titled “The Adventure Begins.” It says, “Welcome World Walker! To begin your Evermore Adventure, complete the following:”

  • Greet an Evermorian and learn their favorite memory.
  • Watch a production by the roving acting troupe to learn of Evermore’s history.
  • Earn 1 piece of gold from a resident of Evermore.

What were the Mythos 2019 Quest Cards? (RETIRED)

Mythos 2019 was the first season with quest cards. The quest cards that were available during Mythos have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.

Evermore Origins

The card is titled “Evermore Origins” and it requires people to do three things:

  1. Meet with a member from each of the four guilds and learn of their attributes.
  2. Watch a production by the roving acting troupe to learn of Evermore’s history.
  3. Earn 1 piece of gold from an Evermore character.

Historian’s Foresight

Historian’s Foresight is the first card in the first expansion pack. The description text reads, “To be an asset to your guild and Evermore, you must be prepared to face any number of foes. Knowledge is the foundation for any Guild member’s training.”

This card requires you to do two things:

  1. Find the town historian (Gudrun) or professor (Edgar)
  2. Learn about previous threats to Evermore.

Hero’s Tribute 

Hero’s Tribute says, “There is strength in unity. Only in being faithful to your comrades will your guild be able to prosper.”

This card requires you to do two things:

  1. Earn 5 pieces of gold.
  2. Pledge it to the guild of your choice.

Master’s Eye

The Master’s Eye card reads, “No matter which Evermore guild you choose to serve, it is always useful to have the ability to hunt and defend yourself.”

This card requires you to do two things:

  1. Go to the archery or axe throwing range to receive training.
  2. Gain the approval of the training master.

A Sailor’s Wisdom 

This card is sold in the second expansion pack. It states, “A quick mind is an adventurer’s greatest defense in perilous situations. Adventurers must increase their knowledge of the world around them.”

This quest has just one task. You must find someone who has been away at sea and learn to tie one of their life-saving knots.

The Dark Way 

This card invites you to prove your bravery by exploring the catacombs. The card says, “Bravery is inherent in those drawn to be an adventurer. To prove yours, you must brave the darkness of the catacombs and mausoleum. Look for a hidden message written upon one of the walls.”

Goblin’s Respect

This card says, “Strength of body through combat and stamina, of mind through conviction, and of intention to do whatever is necessary to defeat foes is the mark of an adventurer.”

This card requires you to find one of Evermore’s goblins and receive a challenge from them. You must complete the challenge and earn their respect.

That’s all the Quest Cards we’ve found so far!

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  1. Hey,
    So I’m confused/dense and don’t know what you do with the card once you have completed the tasks written on it. And can I get any cards besides the Lore card right now?

    1. Hey, Chris! I’m sorry for the confusion. When you complete the card, you can take it to the Kettle Cafe (gift shop) for a stamp. Once the card is stamped, it represents one level. I’ve completed 8 quest cards, so that makes me a Level 8 adventurer. At least, that’s the theory anyway.

      There is only one Lore card right now, unfortunately, but I’m hoping that more cards will be released during Aurora. I’ll ask someone at the park today for clarification.

      1. OK, cool. That helps a lot. I didn’t see the cards when my kids got them or when they got them stamped. I was trying to keep them from breaking anything!

        Other questions, do you have to “prove” that you completed the tasks on the card somehow, or is it just an honor system? Do you show the cashier your last completed card, so he or she knows what level to stamp the next one? Can you still buy some of the older cards you outline above?

        Thank you for your hard work on this site. It is fantastic and has dramatically helped my son, and I figure things out more quickly. We took your advice on trinket trading, and my son had a blast trading with Alex in the Bar.

        1. More great questions!

          It’s generally easy to prove that you did the tasks, as long as you actually did them. For example, Vaella signed the card for Master’s Eye to prove that we had met the challenge. Captain Nettleton signed our card for A Sailor’s Wisdom. For other cards, like the Lore one, they’ll ask you which show you watched, who you spoke with and what their favorite memory was.

          The same stamp is used on all the cards, at least so far. Sometimes they’ll add a little +1 to it. I have eight stamped cards, so I’ve earned 8 levels. So far, the levels don’t really seem to matter so there’s no need to prove what level you are. At least so far.

          All of the cards are limited edition and only available in the season during which they are sold. The Mythos cards have been discontinued. The Lore card will disappear when this season ends. I’ve made a habit of buying 2-3 of each card pack, just in case something ever happens to my originals. But then again, I’m obviously very obsessed with all things Evermore…

          Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad that the site has been helpful for you. Just so you know, we also have a YouTube channel, a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group as well. 🙂