Sephtis Arrested for Double Homicide Against the Greys

Sephtis the Executioner of Evermore

Late in the evening, Ozymandias confronted Sephtis with the evidence that the dragon trainers had found in the forest. Although Sephtis appeared to sidestep those accusations, he was not able to evade Lady Grey’s accusation of murder.

Sephtis claims Edgar Beaumont asked him for help.

Ozymandias said, “Mr. Sephtis, there are a couple of things that were discovered… Hopefully you might be able to elaborate on what this was doing there.”

“That’s mine,” grumbled Sephtis.

“Why was it there?” asked Ozymandias.

“I was asked to look into blood magic by the professor,” grumbled Sephtis.

This seemed to satisfy Ozymandias on the matter of the items Kaida and Ina retrieved from the forest.

The Lady Grey accuses Sephtis of murdering her parents.

Sephtis demanded, “Now if that’s all?”

“No!” Lady Grey shouted, “It’s not!”

“Mrs. Grey has stated that she has evidence regarding the–” Ozymandias began.

“The death of my parents!” interrupted Lady Grey. “I have evidence that YOU killed my parents, Thomas and Rosalind Grey. Do you deny it?”

“That’s quite the claim,” Sephtis replied coolly.

“Do you deny it?”

Sephtis asked, “What evidence do you claim to have?”

“There’s a source that claims they have information from your own lips,” Lady Grey responded, “and they claim you have an article of my mother’s on your person.”

“This will be very simple for you to either confirm or deny for us, Mr. Sephtis,” Ozymandias rationalized. “A necklace, I believe… Would you show it to me, Mr. Sephtis?”

Sephtis tugged a necklace out of his shirt and Lady Grey began to cry. “It’s hers! Give it to me.”

“Mr. Sephtis–” Ozymandias began.


“In the name of the queen, I arrest you on charges of double homicide–”

“In the name of the queen, huh?” Sephtis said as he took a swing at Ozymandias.

“TAKE HIM INTO CUSTODY, NOW!” Ozymandias shouted. Cedric hesitated, noting that Sephtis had been his boss. Ozymandias shouted again, “Take him, NOW!”

“Why did you do it, Sephtis?” Lady Grey demanded as they began to drag him away. “Why?”

“Now we’re even!” Sephtis shouted. “You hear me?! We’re even!!!”

You can watch this scene transpire here.

NEXT: Ozymandias releases Sephtis in defiance of the One True Government

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