Story in Review: Coins of the Revnant, Chapter 2

Thanks to COVID-19, the park is closed until mid-April… but the park is releasing the stories in written novellas so we can stay up-to-date on the events in town!

For those who are interested in reading the entire story (and you should), you can find it on Facebook here.

However, I have heard from many World Walkers who do not use social media so I wanted to recreate a TL;DR version of the story here as an “Evening in Review.” I would reproduce the entire thing but… I’m specifically prohibited from doing so by the copyright text so….

Anyway, here’s the TL;DR version for The Coins of the Revnant, Chapter Two: Proper Regards.

Maxwell called a town meeting.

Maxwell called a town meeting at the beginning of the chapter. He called Ozymandias Flynn, Chauncey Haverforth and Filander Milsom to be his new town council advisors.

Dr. Marsh had advised Maxwell that there was an outbreak of cholera in the area around Evermore. As a result, all traven in and out of town has been banned. No World Walkers, no Kuvera, nobody.

Phillip and Bartholomew investigate.

Phillip and Bartholomew investigated the movements of Ozymandias, Chauncey and Filander. The actors had an interesting conversation with Caitlyn Grey.

Donovan has regrets.

Phillip found Donovan sitting on the steps, lamenting his decision to revive Maxwell. Donovan said if he hadn’t acted rashly, then maybe their best magic users would still be alive and the town wouldn’t be under Maxwell’s control. Phillip went to Enora, and she talked some sense into Donovan.

Donovan, Enora and Phillip hatched a plan.

Donovan, Phillip and Enora went to Enora’s house to discuss Maxwell. They theorized that he had 16 tethers, one from each of his kills. Phillip observed that the three advisors were visiting the same places every day and he theorized that this may be where the tethers were hidden. (Page 12)

Phillip tested this theory at the Moon Gate, where he found Naemur’s leather strap. (Page 14)

Phillip was able to retrieve several tethers. Donovan cut them off from their ley connection by placing them in a container marked with abjuration runes. Some of the tethers that were found included Naemur’s strap by the Moon Gate, a small ring with an amethyst stone near the back door of the Tavern, and another item near the train tracks. At one point, King Otis and Ozymandias got into a scuffle and interrupted Phillip’s progress (page 16).

Phillip gathered all of the tethers and brought them to the ruins. Belladonna, Enora and Donovan took possession of the trophies.

Maxwell was upset and banned magic in Evermore.

Maxwell was very upset when he realized his trophies had been compromised. He called for another town meeting and announced that all magic was banned in Evermore.

Violet is still being held in London.

At one point, Phillip and Maxwell discuss Mayor Violet. She is still being held in London. Phillip says she is making the best of things, like she always does.

Ro left the Mill to Ozymandias.

Ro apparently left the Nettleton Mill to Ozymandias when she went to Aurora (page 17).

Have you read the story? What did you think?

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  1. This is awesome that they are doing this! Also where can I find chapter 1 of this I can’t find it on the Facebook