Tales of the Shadowhunters 2

Let it be known now before I truly delve into my tellings, many of these stories may interweave, and many may not. 

Love and the Shadowhunters

Love is an activity that those of my order have been asked to avoid if possible. This is not out of spite nor disbelieve in it’s uses or potential, but to keep each of our few hunters as safe as possible. As a trend, those with a person they love, hold said person in a place of more importance than themselves. That said, the Council of Two Fives understands that it is an unavoidable event, and it will not expel one from the order. 

The story has two sides that I will tell you, the first is the official report of the order, and the second is the personal recounting from the shadowhunter directly involved. The report reads as follows, with the hunters name removed by his request:

Report of the target: Raven, Daughter of the Beast.

Hunter Assigned: (Redacted)

Hunt Duration: 1 year 6 months

Hunt orders as given to Hunter (Redacted): “The target is a half demon class, being the child of a reported ‘demon lord’ and a mortal woman. The target has been described as humanoid, though could posses another form. Being the less than the standard guild restrictions of twenty years of age, the Council of Two Fives has decreed the target to posses such a quantity of power that by simply existing, tips the balance of the scales, and for this reason must be terminated. Hunter (Redacted), you have been called on this hunt to the world of (Redacted) to remove this imbalance.”


Special instructions given: “Use your wits on this one hunter, the target is used to being hunted and will be expecting such. Suggested approach would be to avoid detection whilst gathering as much information to find the perfect time to strike in as painless a fashion to the target as possible. While fearful of the targets power, we do not take part in cruelties on our hunts.


Hunt Report: Hunter (Redacted) left the Shadows Source to the world of (Redacted) by means of three separate worlds. Once there the hunter found and trailed the target ‘Raven, Daughter of the Beast’ for three months before he was discovered. Initial cause of discover still remains unknown. For one (1) year and six (6) months hunter (Redacted) remained under the mental influence of the target, till on a inspection mission three hunters, Ace Fultrun, Jonathan the Elf, and (Redacted), found signs indicating of the hunters incarceration. Fearing for it’s life, the target fled the world leaving hunter (Redacted). Upon rousing him, hunter (Redacted) swore that the target only cared for him and nursed his wounds. Writings in journals and spell books found in the targets ‘lair’, revealed this all to be part of the spell entrapping the hunters mind. 

Hunt Status: Failed

That is how the order sees it, but having gained the trust of this hunter he shared with me the truth of his hunt. I will tell it as he told me, so as to avoid confusion. 

Jared, I tell you this because I trust you to keep it hidden from the Council. You remember the Raven Hunt I went on some time ago, yes? The report is false. Or I should say parts of it are.

I did trail my target for nearly three months, watching her trying to find a moment of weakness. She was always on guard, she knew she was being hunted, and to a certain degree knew I was hunting her. I watched cautiously as she would wander through the forest, freeing animals from hunters traps, healing those who’d been hurt by them, and scaring trespassers away. She couldn’t be more than nineteen of age, but I could feel the immense power she radiated, it was so strong it seemed to take shape based on her emotions.

Three months and two days into my deployment I lost sight of my target, and in my rush to find her I stepped right into a bear trap. Gritting my teeth I kept from calling out, but there she stood, there for the first time she had seen me. I raised my weapon expecting to defend myself, but she approached calmly and quietly to remove the trap from my leg. I couldn’t say a word, she knew why I was there, I could see it in her deep green eyes. Then I realized while I’d been memorizing her actions, movements, and habits, I’d failed to truly look at her features. Her chocolate brown hair fell just passed her slender shoulders, her skin pale, but freckles slightly spotted her cheeks.

“Why do you hunt me? Power? Fame? Or something else?”

My mouth moved but nothing came out, I barely knew this beautiful creature, but I could never let such beauty be destroyed. I told her, I was sent to destroy her to maintain balance, but at that moment I had resolved to leave. My broken leg would convince the Council of her power. She said nothing, but to me the world grew darker.

I woke in a cave, one that was furnished and decorated to make a comfortable home, my leg was bandaged and held in a brace. Looking about the stone hall crystals of blue, green, and red lit the area. A low wooden table was next to the simple bed I laid upon, and in a semi hidden corner a makeshift pantry held what appeared to be drying meat. In the other direction, separating me and the mouth of the cave stood stacks upon stacks of books, some thick, others thin, few new, and many old. There she sat, pouring over an ancient tome and hadn’t noticed me yet.

Moving was my mistake, you see she’d been smart and rigged a bell to my foot, just outside my sight. The small ring brought her attention to me, she clearly did not want me dead, and something in her eyes held an odd familiarity. I won’t go into the details that followed each day, but know that the schedule went as follows for every day, wake, undo the bandages, have a salve applied, rewrap the bandages, talk, eat, read, talk, eat, sleep. At first we’d discuss the different ways we could kill the other if they dared step out of line, later we’d warmed up and started to tell of our lives.

One morning Raven, as she informed me her name was, left after rewrapping my bandages without a word. Looking for something to fill my time I grabbed a book within my reach, and to my surprise found the title written as ‘Writtings of the half demon princes, an autobiography’. Scanning the pages I found she’d written anything she found profound or meaningful, till I found one passage that froze me to the core.

It read, “last night, I dreamed an odd dream. A man dressed with a top hat, carrying an odd rainbow colored staff, came into my cave. I can’t describe how I knew, but his leg was broken, and he needed me to heal him. After he regained the ability to walk, I had to leave, for his safety. I don’t understand this, but something tells me to remember this.”

She clearly spoke of me, but the end I didn’t understand. I put the book back and thought for the rest of the day.

It wasn’t till the next morning she returned.

“I have something that should help speed up the healing process.” Raven said almost sad. Retrieving an odd root from her bags, she ground it up, mixed it with some flour, and made it into a bread for me to eat. The next day I awoke fully healed, it had been nearly a full year since I was last able to walk. So joyed at my recovery I hugged Raven tightly spinning her around. We laughed, and with a flick of half demon’s hand soft music was playing.

“Dancing is the best way to see if the leg is truly healed.” And thus we waltzed together, time seemed to be irrelevant, as long as we were together nothing could be wrong. Our schedule had changed to be wake, eat, read, talk, eat, talk, and dance into the night. Every night we would spin through the cave holding close to each other as if the past and future meant nothing.

It had been eighteen months since I reported to the order, and thus they sent hunters to find me. I don’t know how it happened but Raven knew they were searching the woods, and everything made sense to her.

I awoke to my comrades shaking me awake, claiming the ‘beast’ had charmed me, as the reports now state. The journals were all filled with notes of how to entrap ones mind, and how she’d succeeded with me. I almost believed them until one night while in the infirmary, I found a book under my pillow, ‘Writtings of a half demon princess, an autobiography’. on the very last page I found a note, written in my lovely Raven’s hand.

“I’m sorry, I found the hunters of your order last night, they’ll find us soon. If the find out of our love, you’ll be killed. I can’t imagine a world without you, the thought pains me so much. Even if I can never see you again, knowing that my live lives is all I need. Please don’t try to find me. Your Raven.”

Posted notice of bounty: Raven daughter of the Beast.

Notes: Beware the target has a cruel ability of stealing a hunters mind. Do not engage with hostility. Water alive to find the secrets to her mind control.

Posted by: The Council of Two Fives.

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