The Evermore Gazette, Vol. 4 No. 102

The Evermore Gazette is published every Thursday for the upcoming weekend. This text is for Volume 4, No. 102.

We have typed it up here as a courtesy because many World Walkers struggle to read the images posted online… and those who rely on accessibility software can’t extract the information from the images.

Tragedy Strikes Twice

Evermorians and Champions alike are reeling after the discovery of several shocking murders here in town. Last weekend, two souls were taken from this world just as their lives were beginning. Is the darkness influencing these tragedies, or is there an even more sinister force at work? Read on to discover the details and clues that are known thus far!

On Friday evening, at approximately 10:50 pm, Benjamin Honesty Scuff collapsed while singing sea shanties with his fiance, Miss Ophelia Blanche, amidst a crowd of townsfolk and world walkers. It was first believed he’d passed out from imbibing vast quantities of alcohol during the exuberant bachelor party festivities that occurred that night, but many had different speculations.

Just hours before his death, Ben received very dire card readings from both Kyrah and Miri the fortune teller. Witnesses say he was looking quite grim up until the moment he took the last swig from his flask and fell to the ground. It wasn’t until the next day that hew as pronounced dead — cries of heartbreak throughout the town on what should have been his wedding day.

Upon further inspection, Chief Inspector Ozzymandius Flynn has confirmed that it was poison that killed Ben. Anyone with information regarding his death should report to the Chief Inspector or the Knights of Evermore.

As if one murder in town wasn’t enough, misfortune struck again late Saturday night, just outside the Glass House. At roughly 10:30 pm, Lily Dunghill – a newcomer visiting her brother, Durvell Dunghill of the Blackheart Hunters, was discovered by world walkers and the Chief Inspector lying on the frigid cobblestones. After further examination, it was determined she was strangled to death.

Though she had not been in Evermore long, her massive smile and cheerful nature will be missed. So far, there are no official suspects. For now, the question remains: who could commit such a heinous crime? Are the two deaths somehow connected?

And what of the death of the Elven Ranger, Naemur? Hal, (once banished for fraternizing with dragons), reportedly discovered Naemur’s body in the woods, covered in multiple wounds and scorch marks. Was this just a hunting accident, or was the Elven Ranger yet another victim of murder most foul?

Will Champions and Evermorians alike work together to decipher the clues and learn the truth? Or will there be yet another beloved resident discovered, lying in the streets of Evermore?

Barriers Fallen – Dozens Dead – Is the Town Next?

Monday night, the magical and physical barriers protecting Evermore were overcome shattered, leaving dozens dead and Evermore unprotected. Up until now, Evermore has had two barriers to protect itself from the Lore portal’s Darkblood Plague, the mysterious disease driving some mad and mutating others.

The first barrier, a magical barrier, was being upheld by Zodhi. When the effort exhausted him, he collapsed, the magical barrier falling with him. The second barrier was a physical barricade, which was being guarded by the knights’ recruits. What exactly tore this barricade down is still unknown, although at this time it is presumed to have been an attack by the Darkbloods, the infected creatures the barriers kept out.

Ser Kilyrie, Lieutenant Commander of the Knights’ Guild, was seen running into town later that night, screaming for Sir Arawn, Commander of the Knights. She proclaimed the physical barricade had been completely destroyed, and all their recruits on the wall were taken with it. Witnesses say they confronted Caderyn, the now Fae King, and when Ser Kilyrie accused Caderyn of murdering her cadets, Sir Arawn stopped her, saying, “Worse. They live yet.”

Zodhi, after regaining strength, was able to restore the magical barrier, but stating that he could only hold it for four more days at most. Upon questioning, Ser Kilyrie stated, “The physical barricade took weeks to build. We cannot rely on barriers anymore. We must prepare for the Darkness to come to us.”

Help Wanted: World Walkers Everywhere!

Joy is Magic: Ms. Cecily SInclair of the Acting Troupe, located at the front of the park, is requesting assistance of those who are looking for a good laugh.

Spell Binding: Due to the increasing levels of danger in our town, Kyrah is looking for brave individuals to aid her in collecting the needed components of a spell she wishes to perform next week. She does not stay in one place too long but can frequently be found in The Crooked Lantern Tavern.

Investigation: Anyone who has information on or an interest in gathering information on the deaths reported in this paper should report to Chief Inspector Ozymandias Flynn, who shall be wandering the center of town.

Ghostly Sighting

Are the eyes of Evermorians playing tricks on them or does something haunt the woods surrounding Evermore? Sources (who wish to remain anonymous) have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of an elven ranger roaming between the last known whereabouts of Naemur and the edge of town. Is it possible that Naemur’s soul is not at rest becuase he met his horrid fate at the hadns of another? Or does something else keep him earthbound? A reliable source tells

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Benjamin Scuff

Benjamin Scuff, 22, of Evermore passed away Friday, October 4.

Benjamin left Evermore as a young lad for London where he learned the trade of a traveling merchant and found success with his business partner Reginald “Rooster” Reyes. Their sales would eventually lead them back to Evermore where Benjamin would meet the love of his life, Ms. Ophelia Blanche. The two became engaged and were to be married last Saturday, October 5th.

Benjamin is survived by his mother, Lauren Scuff, and his fiance Ophelia Blanche, as well as many friends who will miss him sorely.

A funeral will be held this weekend. Donations may be given to the Acting Troupe. Condolences may be sent through the postman, Phillip Humphrey, to Ophelia or Rooster.

Lilly Dunghill

Lilly Dunghill was dearly loved by all who met her. Though she only came and stayed in Evermore for two days, she managed to leave nearly everyone she met with a friendly smile or a lovely laugh. Lilly was born in Evermore, though she moved up north with her mother when she was quite young.

She was hardworking, charming and kind. Her outlook on life was to fucs on the positive and look on the bright side, even when things got difficult. Lilly was only 19 when she met a tragic and untimely death that was hardly fair.

She’s survived by her mother and her brother, Durvell Dunghill. For those wishing to pay respects to the family, a funeral will be held for her on Thursday.

Citizen Spotlight: Mortimer

The shepherd Mortimer is one of the few residents of Evermore who traveled to town after the defense barriers went up. While claiming he’s always been in Evermore, no one available for interview has been able to verify seeing him around before. He can frequently be found in the later evenings within Evermore proper, distinguished by his humble garb and bell staff, which he refers to as his shepherd’s crook. Why he’s looking for sheep in the middle of town, and late at night, is anyone’s guess.

However, local suspicions about the shepherd have begun to arise, as he was recently spotted near the tragic death of Benjamin Scuff last week. Later, he made another appearance when Lilly Dunghill’s body was found. While he seems to make a point of not hiding anything, he’s also made no alibis and should be considered a person of suspect.

Weekly Horoscope

“The calmness ends. Lulls pass as Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio’s wicked charm. Expect passions to awaken, be it love or (blood) lust. Seek to depen relationships and kindle romances while the planetary alignment is still in your favor. Be wary, however, as Scorpio seeks to unearth the darkest corners of your mind and expose them for all to see. Taboos are crossed, transformation and power rise over the practicality of Virgo. You may begin to want things so badly you can taste it, and will go to whatever ends to slake your thirst. Be warned, Evermorians, for paranoia and obsession rise, and wicked charm may turn to wicked deed. Keep your wits about you as you strive to embrace Scorpio’s protective nature rather than the possessive mania which will surely overtake. Embrace the inevitable but importantly, embrace your loved ones while you still can – who knows what the 13ths full moon will bring?

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